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Bike Security

Saturday June 23, 2012

Is this bike security or bike theft?!!

[Via Flickr, by David M Hodgson]



Photos Selected By Getty Images

Tuesday June 29, 2010

Nine of my photographs currently on Flickr have been selected by Getty Images for inclusion in their image catalogue.

Eight are currently live and available for purchase/licensing, the ninth is currently in the Getty Images processing queue.

I’m not sure how well these images will sell (if at all) but this may mean that my images get into print or other media use!

[Edit: 17th July 2010] The ninth image has been cleared by the Editors and is now listed!



Interesting Bike/Trike

Wednesday May 6, 2009

Found this interesting bike/trike on Flickr over the weekend.  It’s a Catrike and it’s a cool looking machine!

It’s had a fair bit of modification to its base spec and it’s all detailed on the Flickr pages of jalexartis.

I’ve never been on a bike like this but it does interest me.  Looks cool and it has to be more comfortable than a conventional bike over longer distances.  Not sure I’d like to be so low though, especially on busier roads.


Bike Storage Idea

Saturday May 2, 2009

Stumbled across this photograph of someone’s apartment showing how they store their bikes.  It’s a great idea and a great way of coping with a full size / non-folder in a small home.

The rack is a Topeak Dual-Touch stand which they claim is:

An elegant solution for storing your bikes. Looks great in the house or in the garage.

I tend to agree and if I hadn’t sorted out the storage of my Trek, I’d certainly be considering getting one of these.

[Via: Apartment Therapy]


The Brightest of Bikes

Sunday February 8, 2009

This hi-vis bike is the brain-child of Flickr user mandiberg.  He’s covered the bike in Scotchlight 680 retro-reflective vinyl.

In daylight, the bike appears black but at night under the beam of a car’s headlights (or a camera flash as in the photo) the bike shines brightly.

Cyclists are well aware of the need to fit front and rear lights and reflectors, but we are vulnerable from the sides – this clearly helps us in that area!

Treehugger has also covered this bike in their post “Bike is obonoxiously [sic] bright at night“.


Flickr: Epicurean Cyclist

Sunday January 25, 2009

Flickr Pics: other peoples’ bike-related images found by searching Flickr.

Epicurean Cyclist

Epicurean Cyclist

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Flickr User:


Flickr: At the Loch

Tuesday December 30, 2008

Flickr Pics: other peoples’ bike-related images found by searching Flickr.

Dahon by Loch Lomond

Dahon by Loch Lomond

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Flickr User: pete_johnson

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