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I Won on Thunderball

Sunday July 25, 2010

Good news!  My re-invested winnings from yesterday netted me another win, this time on the Thunderball draw!

Again, not life-changing, but £8.00 is better than nothing!

Now, I think I’ll re-invest the winnings again…


I Won On EuroMillions

Saturday July 24, 2010

I woke up this morning to an email from the National Lottery advising me that they had some good news about my ticket from the Friday draw.

Perhaps I was a multi-millionaire this morning – that would make it a good start to the weekend.  That probably wasn’t to be the case but I logged on to the website with some hope.

I won £7.00

Hmm, not life-changing but not bad.  I ‘re-invested’ the winnings into tonight’s draw.  Perhaps I’ll get another email tomorrow and perhaps a better prize…


Rochester’s Esplanade – GigaPan

Friday July 23, 2010

Rochester Esplanade - Gigapan

Took another GigaPan image last weekend, this time of Rochester’s Esplanade from the opposite side of the River Medway.

Follow this link to view the image:

Once at the GigaPan site, you can zoom in and scroll around to explore the image.


Buddy Guy, Quo and the Castle Proms

Sunday July 18, 2010

Buddy Guy - OnstageA month of live music for me this month!  Buddy Guy at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire at the beginning of the month got things started.  I’ve been a Buddy Guy fan for quite a few years but failed to get to see him in his own club ‘Legends‘ when I regularly visited Chicago.  I was therefore very keen to  see him in London when I saw that he was playing one night there.

It was an excellent show with Buddy truly entertaining the crowd as opposed to just singing some songs.  At one point he left the stage and walked through the public area playing his guitar and singing as the crowd parted in front of him – everybody in total awe.

Last night, Saturday 17th,  was the last night of the Castle Concerts at Rochester Castle.  Every year Medway Council puts on four nights of concerts in the grounds of the Castle, this year it was: Status Quo, Will Young, The Saturdays and finally the Castle Proms with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

I managed to see Status Quo on Wednesday night and also went to the Castle Proms last night, Saturday.  Both were fantastic events – unfortunately I forgot my camera on the night of Status Quo!

The ‘Quo concert was sold out (around 4,500 people) and the atmosphere was fantastic.

The Castle Proms was a more sedate affair with people with tables, chairs, dinner jackets and wine.  Well, I say sedate… it was until the patriotic songs came on in true ‘last night of the proms’ style and the flags were waved and the choruses sung loudly!  An amazing night topped off with some great fireworks!

Photos over on Flickr.

Patriotic Castle



Saturday July 17, 2010

Took a trip home to Pembrokeshire to see my family last month and enjoyed a flight over the county in a small plane – a birthday and Father’s Day present for my dad.

It was the first time I’d really had a decent view of the county from the air, previously I’ve only seen it through the clouds from 35,000 ft on my way to Chicago.

More photos from the flight on Flickr.

Over Fishguard

Tenby From Above


iPod Touch and iOS4 – Battery Life

Sunday July 11, 2010

Thought I’d share my experience of the new Apple iOS4 in relation to the iPod Touch just in case somebody else is having the same problems.

After installing iOS4 my Touch would be completely drained of power every morning, the battery so flat that the device wouldn’t turn on.  Strange, I thought, as prior to updating to iOS4 the Touch would last a few days and would never drain itself overnight.

The fix?  I simply went to SETTINGS, then NOTIFICATIONS and turned off the Notifications.  As simple as that!  Battery life is now back to pre-update standards and I haven’t noticed that I’m missing out by having Notifications turned off.

A simple fix.


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