Welcome to my blog.

Why’s it here?  Well, hopefully it’ll help other people, giving advice and information about my Dahon life.  I will probably add more stuff than simply Dahon-related items, we’ll see how things evolve.

Visit my main website at www.Dsquared.co.uk, or contact me via David@Dsquared.co.uk or Skype (dsquareduk).

Please let me know what you think of the blog.  If you want to discuss my bike or any topic covered here then please get in touch.

I live in Kent, which is a county in the South East of England, about 45 minutes via train from the centre of London.

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  1. […] reading this, you want an image of another part of the bike to help in your purchase decision, just let me know and I’ll take one.  Also, the photos are also available on my Flickr account with added […]

  2. Hello!

    I saw your pics of your Cateye HL-LD150. It seems to be the same PCB as in the LD130. Could you help me, have a look inside the lamp and tell me what’s written on R2, Q1 and R3. I’d like to enhance my Taillights from 3 to 5 LEDs.

    Thank you!

    Falk D.

  3. Hi,
    R2: 220
    R3: 295
    Q1: 6CW (and ‘P9’ written vertically)

    Hope that helps.


  4. Hi Dave

    I just replaced the rear reflector on my Vitesse D7HG with a Bspoke rear light. After reading the highway code I see that you must have both rear lights and rear reflector. Please may I ask how you dealt with this? I don’t have a rear rack at present that I could attach either to. Do I need to attach both the rear light and the reflector to the seat post?

    I thank you in advance for your help.


    • Hi Nikki,

      You are correct, the HWC does state that a rear reflector is a requirement.

      I don’t have a rear reflector on either of my bikes, however, after dark I ALWAYS have a rear light operating.

      The following comment comes from the CTC’s website and is something to consider: “It has to be said that the fine details of RVLR are seldom enforced; and provided you show some kind of white light in front and red behind you are unlikely to be challenged.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Thanks for your blog on Dahon d7hg and additional pictures on Flicker.

    I missed why you chose this bike over the curve, but I’m thinking it had to do with tire size?

    Wondering if you have any updated opinions now that you’ve owned it awhile.

    Thanks again

    • Gil, thanks for the comments. I think it was the tyre size issue on the curve and my physical size.

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