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BBC News Website – Offline

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Oh no!

The BBC News website is down.  What does this mean?  The end of civilisation?!

No, the main BBC site is down too!




Evans Cycles – Nice Folks!

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Passed by Evans Cycles in Birmingham on Saturday and it was nice to see that they’d put a Joe Blow foot pump outside the shop for people to use.

A nice thought and useful for the cycling community.  Well done!

Free Air


Campagnolo Seat Post Clamp – FREE

Monday March 28, 2011

Wiggle ImageI have a Campagnolo Seat Post Clamp (worth £13) to give to anyone who needs it.

I bought it from Wiggle but bought the wrong size.  This clamp is for min 31.6 – max 31.9mm posts.

I’ll post it free to a UK address only.

The catch? Please donate at least £5 to charity via the link below. 

BUT before you donate, tell me that you’re going to (, I’ll reserve the clamp for you  and then I’ll let others know (here) that the Clamp is no longer available.

Money goes to the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association (which I cycled in aid of a year ago).




Monday March 28, 2011

Didn’t get around to finishing the Trek modifications over the weekend as I had a trip to Birmingham to see a friend.

Some pics over on Flickr.

The Bullring


Sunny Saturday

Sunday March 20, 2011

Got out in the sunshine yesterday!  A nice walk around fields and woodland with the camera, over three hours outside the house and not even a thought about work!

Pics over on Flickr.



Trek 4300 – Skewer Change

Sunday March 20, 2011

So, I managed to get out and take a look at the Trek today to clean it and change a few pieces.  In the end, all I changed were the skewers.

In preparation for the cycling year ahead, I’ve changed the standard quick-release skewers on both wheels for allen key skewers from Halo (I bought the XL 10mm drop-out set).  This should make the bike a little more anti-theft when it’s locked up outside a shop or pub(!).

The change over was very quick and simple.  No special tools required and no grease.

I was going to change the quick-release seat post clamp but I’d bought the wrong size – I needed a 34.9mm clamp for the Trek so I’ve ordered another from Wiggle.  So, the bike is now waiting for the new clamp and then next weekend (hopefully) I’ll fit that and then clean the bike ready for the warmer weather.

Halo Skewer


Chain Reaction Cycles Hit By Fraud

Thursday March 17, 2011

[From The Register]

A security breach at popular UK-based biking site has been linked by victims to multiple instances of fraud…

The majority of fraudulent transactions reported seem to involve mobile phone top-ups to either Vodafone or O2, typically two transactions valued at £15 or so for a total fraudulent amount of £30. However, a small percentage of victims have been taken for thousands of pounds…

…Purchases at CRC between March 4 to 12 seem to be those most closely associated with subsequent fraud… [Text from The Register – click here]



Monday March 14, 2011

Guardian LogoCycling groups launch petition against Northern Ireland bike helmet law

Campaigners say the law would deter cyclists which would affect public health, the environment and traffic levels. [Guardian]

I’m against compulsory cycle-helmets.  I don’t want one, I don’t need one.  If I’m cylcing on a racing/road bike then I would probably get one due to the speed of the ride, but when I’m on my Trek or Dahon I don’t want to wear a helmet.

My ‘helmet or not’ poll is still running…


Nokia DC-14 Bike Charger

Sunday March 13, 2011

Charge your mobile phone as you cycle!

Use your own eco-friendly pedal power to charge your phone for free, while you ride

Quick facts

* Mobile phone charger – at only 12 km/h it charges as efficiently as common Nokia mains mobile chargers

* Easy to install and easy on the wallet

* Durable dirt and weather resistant design for reliable performance all year round

* Attaches your Nokia phone securely to your bike

* Eco-friendly – for a lower carbon footprint and a lower electricity bill

* Compatible with most of Nokia’s latest mobile phones (any Nokia phone that takes a 2mm pin mains charger)


Nokia Image


Bicycle Beauty

Friday March 11, 2011

BBC ImageThe Beeb has a photo set from Michael Embacher capturing some interesting looking bike from the past 90 years.

Head over to:

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