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Trek 4300 – March 2011 Upgrades

Saturday February 26, 2011

Upgrades or downgrades?  I’m planning on changing the quick-release skewers on my Trek 43oo to standard non-QR skewers.  This should make securing the bike much easier when out and about.  Now I realise that a determined thief could still nab the wheels but I don’t plan on leaving the bike for long periods anyway.  Even if I do, I can still loop the lock chain through the wheels.  Changing to non-QR skewers would make short term locking much easier (for example: nipping into the shop for five minutes).

I’m also looking to replace the quick-release seat post collar with a non-QR variety so I don’t have to lock that each time too.

I’m thinking of ordering the parts this weekend and then giving the bikes their spring service during the next couple of weeks (time permitting).


RHS Wisley

Saturday February 19, 2011

Took a day off on Wednesday and headed over to RHS Wisley.  They’ve had butterflies in their glasshouse for the month so I thought I’d take the camera over for a look.

The gardens weren’t in bloom, obviously, but it was still nice to get out and walk around.  The glasshouse was extremely hot and humid (not my cup of tea!) and it took quiet a while for the camera to become acclimatised before you could photograph anything – the lens just instantly misted-up as you entered.

Will probably head back there later in the year to see the flowers in full bloom.

Photos over on Flickr.

Butterfly and Red


Trek – 2 Years Ago Today

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Two years ago today, 9th February 2009, I ordered my Trek 4300 from Evans Cycles.  Wow, that time has gone quickly.

I just found the PDF print of the web order on my USB flash drive yesterday whilst cleaning it out.  £349.99 was the cost of the bike and an additional £44.03 for the Cateye cycle-computer.  I picked both up from Evans at Gatwick a couple of weeks later.

This all reminds me that I still haven’t got the bikes out this year and that I’ve had an entry on my to-do list to give both bikes a quick service since the beginning of January.  Must get around to that… Perhaps this weekend… Hmm…

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