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Taga – Something A Little Different

Sunday May 10, 2009

Treehugger is one of my regular daily visits, one of the few sites I return to daily to see what’s happening in the world and this morning I found this bike.

A baby-carrying trike from Taga in the Netherlands, it is a “…multifunctional urban vehicle, uniquely designed to suit the needs of today’s parents and children. Taga combines the benefits of a premium stroller and carrier bicycle to create a new transportation modality“.

It’s not cheap at 1,800 Euros (~£1,600) but it does look pretty impressive.

Lots of photos and further information on the Taga website.

[Via Treehugger: The Taga: Part Stroller, Part Tricycle, Completely Awesome]


Interesting Bike/Trike

Wednesday May 6, 2009

Found this interesting bike/trike on Flickr over the weekend.  It’s a Catrike and it’s a cool looking machine!

It’s had a fair bit of modification to its base spec and it’s all detailed on the Flickr pages of jalexartis.

I’ve never been on a bike like this but it does interest me.  Looks cool and it has to be more comfortable than a conventional bike over longer distances.  Not sure I’d like to be so low though, especially on busier roads.

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