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Burley Travoy Trailer – Get one!

Wednesday June 24, 2015

I’ve been using a Burley Travoy bike trailer for a number of months with my Trek.  I’d always wanted a trailer for my bike but didn’t know if I’d get any use out of one.

At the moment they’re £200 on Amazon (I paid a bit more than that at the time) so it’s quite an investment but it has turned out to be an excellent purchase.  We’re using our bikes a lot more this year and tend to leave the cars alone over the weekends and only travel by bike.

Whether it’s shopping at the supermarket or collecting sacks of bird food or compost from the DIY superstore, the Travoy is on hand to help.

When you’re at the shop/store, just unclip and wheel the trailer around the store.  Then back outside and cycle home.  Much easier and quicker than by car!  More relaxing too!

When not in use, the wheels pop off and it folds down into its own bag for easy storage.

Head over to Amazon UK to get one whilst they’re so cheap! Link: Burley Travoy Bike Trailer – Grey


New Thule Bike Racks

Sunday April 15, 2012

I’ve bought two bike holders/racks for my roof rack.  This is one of my steps to get out cycling more this year!  🙂

I went for the Thule 532 FreeRide from – where I previously bought my roof rack.  They have  a wide range of roof racks and cycle carriers available online.  If you’re local, then you can also visit their showroom in Borough Green, Kent, to look at things before you buy.

I haven’t used my carriers yet but the Thule roof rack I bought has been used and has proved to be an excellent investment.


Campagnolo Seat Post Clamp – FREE

Monday March 28, 2011

Wiggle ImageI have a Campagnolo Seat Post Clamp (worth £13) to give to anyone who needs it.

I bought it from Wiggle but bought the wrong size.  This clamp is for min 31.6 – max 31.9mm posts.

I’ll post it free to a UK address only.

The catch? Please donate at least £5 to charity via the link below. 

BUT before you donate, tell me that you’re going to (, I’ll reserve the clamp for you  and then I’ll let others know (here) that the Clamp is no longer available.

Money goes to the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association (which I cycled in aid of a year ago).



Trek 4300 – Skewer Change

Sunday March 20, 2011

So, I managed to get out and take a look at the Trek today to clean it and change a few pieces.  In the end, all I changed were the skewers.

In preparation for the cycling year ahead, I’ve changed the standard quick-release skewers on both wheels for allen key skewers from Halo (I bought the XL 10mm drop-out set).  This should make the bike a little more anti-theft when it’s locked up outside a shop or pub(!).

The change over was very quick and simple.  No special tools required and no grease.

I was going to change the quick-release seat post clamp but I’d bought the wrong size – I needed a 34.9mm clamp for the Trek so I’ve ordered another from Wiggle.  So, the bike is now waiting for the new clamp and then next weekend (hopefully) I’ll fit that and then clean the bike ready for the warmer weather.

Halo Skewer


Trek 4300 – March 2011 Upgrades

Saturday February 26, 2011

Upgrades or downgrades?  I’m planning on changing the quick-release skewers on my Trek 43oo to standard non-QR skewers.  This should make securing the bike much easier when out and about.  Now I realise that a determined thief could still nab the wheels but I don’t plan on leaving the bike for long periods anyway.  Even if I do, I can still loop the lock chain through the wheels.  Changing to non-QR skewers would make short term locking much easier (for example: nipping into the shop for five minutes).

I’m also looking to replace the quick-release seat post collar with a non-QR variety so I don’t have to lock that each time too.

I’m thinking of ordering the parts this weekend and then giving the bikes their spring service during the next couple of weeks (time permitting).


Trek – 2 Years Ago Today

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Two years ago today, 9th February 2009, I ordered my Trek 4300 from Evans Cycles.  Wow, that time has gone quickly.

I just found the PDF print of the web order on my USB flash drive yesterday whilst cleaning it out.  £349.99 was the cost of the bike and an additional £44.03 for the Cateye cycle-computer.  I picked both up from Evans at Gatwick a couple of weeks later.

This all reminds me that I still haven’t got the bikes out this year and that I’ve had an entry on my to-do list to give both bikes a quick service since the beginning of January.  Must get around to that… Perhaps this weekend… Hmm…


Folding Shovel

Saturday January 1, 2011

With all the recent snow and resulting travel chaos, I invested in a folding shovel to keep in the car in case I ended up getting snowed in at work (nightmare scenario!).

It arrived yesterday, almost a month after I’d ordered it, and the snow has now gone, but it will be kept in the car in case of more snow or trouble in the years to come.

It’s a British Army shovel, and has seen a fair bit of use (paint missing and some dents) but it’s small, light and it only cost me £15 from

eDisposals is run for The Disposal Services Authority (DSA) which off-loads used equipment for the MOD.  You can get an array of equipment from them such as my folding shovel or an armoured Range Rover or you can even tender for HMS Invincible (an aircraft carrier!!!)


PowerPax – Now In The UK

Saturday October 16, 2010

Following on from my previous post relating to these great battery storage units, they’re now available in the UK from



Banana Guard

Wednesday October 6, 2010

A great addition to your cycling/hiking kit bag!  Keep your banana safe until you need to eat it!

The Banana Guard is a hard, yet lightweight, case which fits “over 90% of  commercially available bananas“.

At only £4.50 each, grab one today and ensure that your magical  yellow energy fruit is in perfect condition on your next ride/hike.

I’ve seen people with Banana Guards before and they have always praised them – earlier this week I finally got around to ordering a couple and they arrived today.  Quick deliver and low cost.  You can’t go wrong.


Topeak MTX Rear Basket

Saturday May 8, 2010

The Topeak rear rack I fitted to the Dahon last weekend now gives me the option to attach my pannier bags and my Topeak rack bag to the Dahon – great for going into the shops and on errands.  The versatility the new rack gives the Dahon is well worth the money and the extra weight.

Yesterday I collected a Topeak MTX Rear Basket to add to my bike load-carrying capabilities.  At only £23 from Chain Reaction, it’s a wise purchase and something which will come in very useful.

Its MTX fixing system enables the basket to slide securely onto the MTX Rear Rack quickly and easily.  Once fitted, it can hold quite a lot of bits ‘n’ pieces without any risk of them falling out.  If you want to, you can easily remove the basket when you arrive at the supermarket and use the basket as a shopping basket as you walk around (it has a carrying handle) and then simply reattach to the bike when you leave the shop.

The photos below show the basket on the Dahon, but it can easily be slid off and attached to the Trek.

Apologies for the poor quality photos – they were taken using my mobile phone’s camera and it’s full of dust!

Topeak Basket

Topeak Basket

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