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Night Riding

Tuesday August 11, 2009

Hmm, the days are getting shorter.

I’m smiling now as I feel that my NiteRider purchase has been justified. 😉  Just had a short 3mile ride around town and the NiteRider lit the way magnificently.

It was nice to get out for a quick ride after ‘one of those days‘ at work.


The Brightest of Bikes

Sunday February 8, 2009

This hi-vis bike is the brain-child of Flickr user mandiberg.  He’s covered the bike in Scotchlight 680 retro-reflective vinyl.

In daylight, the bike appears black but at night under the beam of a car’s headlights (or a camera flash as in the photo) the bike shines brightly.

Cyclists are well aware of the need to fit front and rear lights and reflectors, but we are vulnerable from the sides – this clearly helps us in that area!

Treehugger has also covered this bike in their post “Bike is obonoxiously [sic] bright at night“.


Saturday Ride – Cold Outside

Sunday February 1, 2009

Well, I managed to get out there and have a ride yesterday despite it being VERY cold.  I piled on the layers, gloves and a warm hat and headed out around 4pm.

It was a leisurely ride, mainly just looking around, stopping, watching what the world was doing and then carrying on.  The total ride was around 5.5miles and the latter half was in the dark.

The good think about a bike is that it enables you to explore.  You can cycle down all those side streets you’ve seen over the years but never ventured down.  In a car, you’re too ‘busy’, too rushed to stop or deviate from your route but on a bike that’s different.  And the Dahon, with its ‘relaxed’ riding position, is ideal for this.  The 20″ wheels give you added agility to nip in and out of bollards and obstructions to reach those unexplored places.

The downside to the ride?  I still want a faster Dahon!!!  Something like the Jetstream P8 or XP… (dreaming)

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