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Bike Commuting Myths – Busted

Tuesday April 28, 2009

Myths relating to commuting by bike:

1. I’m out of shape
2. It takes too long
3. It’s too far

Read all 10 myths at Alan Snel’s blog. Then get out to the bike shop and get yourself a shiny new bike and start the summer with good intentions!!!

[via Bike Commuters]


Chicago and LA – Photos

Sunday April 26, 2009

Thought I’d post some of my old photos to Flickr this morning.  I’ve posted a set from one of my trips out to the US.

I had a good year and a half of US travel, spending a lot of time out in Chicago and the area just outside of LA, to the north.  The best bit was that it was business so it didn’t cost me anything!  Saw some good sights, met some great people and ate some fantastic food.

The photos posted are from one of my earlier trips during 2006.  They were taken on a two week visit: a week in Chicago and then a weekend and a week in LA.

The photo below is of the Chicago river.

All the other photos are on my Flickr account here.

Chicago - Bridge Opens


A Bit Of A Hangover

Saturday April 25, 2009

Sunny day outside today.  No biking today though as yesterday was ‘Pay Day Friday Drinks’ where a group of us meet up at 6pm and have a night of fun and laughter… and beer.

It was a late one.  Today I didn’t wake up until 12.15 and I’ve been feeling a little delicate.  Both bikes are therefore not going to see the light of day!  I’ll see what I feel like tomorrow.


Danny MacAskill – Ummm…

Wednesday April 22, 2009

Ummmm…  I think I need to work on my cycling a fair bit to be able to copy Danny MacAskill.
(BBC story here:


Prof. Stephen Hawking Unwell

Monday April 20, 2009

The great guy is ill and in hospital.

Let’s hope he pulls through and comes back out to continue his amazing work.

Hang in there Stephen.

BBC News: Scientist Hawking ill in hospital
Stephen Hawking website


Cranberry Juice

Sunday April 19, 2009

After a long ride or a run, in my opinion there’s nothing more thirst-quenching than a glass of ice cold cranberry juice.  It’s strange but true.  It’s a great drink which has a clean, ‘dry’ taste and it really does hit the spot after hard exercise.

I buy Ocean Spray’s Cranberry Classic and keep the fridge stocked up with the stuff to make sure I don’t run out.  Mmm, it’s great.  It’s also supposed to be a healthy drink too with a lot of vitamin C.

Try it after your next ride.

(Oh, I also think it’s good for ‘the morning after the night before’ moments!)


Ketchup – Cycle Commuter

Thursday April 16, 2009

The ‘Net is great as it gives you an insight into the world of others’.  I like to think that my blog does the same and that the photos I post enables people from around the world to see what it’s like around my part of the world.

I’ve been looking today at the Cycle Commuter blog and at the photos posted there.  The latest post, Ketchup, has a nice selection of images from the author’s commute.  It’s interesting to see how different the area is from Rochester.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the Cycle Commuter blog for more great pics.

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