Flickr: Rock That Folder

Tuesday October 21, 2008

Flickr Pics: other peoples’ bike-related images found by searching Flickr.

Rock that Folder

Rock that Folder

View Full Image: Click Here
Flickr User: Hugger Industries



  1. Hiho,

    another Dahon user with a blog here. I am a happy Speed D7 user. What’s the difference between mine and yours? Mine seemed to be significantly cheaper.



  2. Hi FB,

    Hello there!

    Looking at the specs of the two bikes I’m not really sure!!! 😉 I think it’s probably the use of Shimano parts and the inclusion of a luggage rack. Apart from that, there’s not a huge difference.


  3. FB,

    Here’s the Dahon blurb: “We took our award-winning Vitesse D7 added an internal gear hub plus components from top component suppliers. Then we topped it off with mudguards, a rack and even a trouser saving chainguard so you can ride in any weather. New for 2008, the Vitesse gets upgraded with the robust new Radius handlepost. We’ve also added a new model with a smooth shifting Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub.”

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