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Dahon 2011 Sneak Preview (via My Bike Shop Blog!)

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Just found this over on the “My Bike Shop Blog”. Some nice looking bikes on the horizon!

(Thanks to ‘My Bike Shop Blog’ for this) – click to read the full post.

Dahon 2011 sneak preview bikes are coming The much raved about Vector series, the replacement for the SpeedPro TT andMu EX/MuSL  is coming soon. Speedmatrix have given MBS the exclusive rights to release the new models for a select few by INVITE ONLY. BTW we have no price or availability information. If you want to be on the mailing list when the bikes are available for viewing, send and we will register your interest via email to The Vector won  a prestigious E … Read More

via My Bike Shop Blog!


Lamp Post Lock

Sunday November 28, 2010

Found this interesting bike lock concept over on Gizmodo.  Simply attach it to a lamp post, lock on your bike and up it goes, out of reach of those nasty criminals.



Still no cycling

Sunday November 28, 2010

It’s still quiet here on the cycling front.  I haven’t managed to get out for a while.  I even had a week in Norfolk (again) this month for relaxing but although I took the Trek, it didn’t see any action due to gales and heavy rain.  Managed some long walks though – the longest being 12 miles.

I need to get my shed cleared so the Trek can get out with less hassle and I need to charge the lights so the Dahon can get some after-work use.

Hmm, I hope the snow holds off.  None here yet but some is forecast.

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