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Far Too Lazy

Sunday July 26, 2009

exOkay, I’ve been far too lazy this weekend and the bikes haven’t been out at all.  I’d planned a long ride (60+ miles) for today but didn’t get up in time.  Can’t keep doing this.

I’d not only planned my route but also prepared my kit and laid it out in the hall waiting to go.  I slept until gone 10am – I’ve been tired and busy recently so I did need the sleep but I missed out on my ride.  GRRrrr.

Must make sure I don’t waste any more good cycling days.


Dave On Dahon – One Year On

Sunday July 26, 2009

Wow.  Today’s the day!  Dave On Dahon is one!

It was one year ago today that I started this blog.  Where has that year gone?!

Since I started this blog a lot has happened, both in my life and here on the blog.  It’s been a good year and there’s been some good cycling.  As I get more and more into cycling, I’m having more and more fun.  Although I’m spending money on the hobby, it’s saving me money and keeping me fit too.

Here’s to another year!  Another year of cycling fun.  Yay!

Thanks to everyone who reads my posts!


Cycling This Weekend?

Friday July 24, 2009

qSo, the question on my mind is will I get out this weekend or not?!

I want to go out on a long ride, not just a cycle around town but something substantial.  I think I’ll start planning something and then keep my fingers crossed that the weather holds and I don’t get too lazy.

Better charge the camera battery just in case.

Oh, and the NiteRider light.


Recycle Cycle

Sunday July 19, 2009

I’d been thinking about how do I stop the empty Grolsch and wine bottles from stacking up in my kitchen.

I could put them out in the ‘blue bin’ for recycling, but they don’t truly recycle that glass, it’s just reused (hard core or other such filler).  I was thinking that I should take it to the bottle bank and get rid of them that way, ‘real recycling’.  The next question was how to get them there on the Dahon.  The ride was going to be about a mile and a half to the bottle bank and I don’t have a cycle trailer.  Hmm…

Folding Crate

The Crate Folded

I had a look around the house and realised that I had the perfect solution!  A small Tontarelli folding crate that appeared to be the ideal size (10L) to mount on the back rack of the Dahon.

I added some small plastic blocks to the bottom of the crate to help it engage with the rack – a few screws and some foam pads keep things together.  Then a couple of bungie straps secure the crate to the Dahon’s rear rack.

The Crate Open


I left the house early this morning with a full load of glass in the crate and headed off to the bottle bank.  Bumps in the road caused the bottles to rattle around a fair bit, so it was a little noisy on the way but not too bad.

I’d quickly popped all the bottles into the bottle banks so thought I’d take a look around town before heading back to the house for breakfast.

It was the last of the four Castle Concerts in the grounds of the Castle last night so the stage was still up (photo).  There were some fantastic fireworks at the end, over the River Medway, late last night but there weren’t any remains as I cycled around this morning.

It’s a nice day out there and the Dahon has helped me be that little bit ‘greener’ this morning as it became my Recycle Cycle!

The Recylce Cycle


Recycle Cycle - Bottle Bank



Mercedes Folding Bike

Saturday July 18, 2009

Mercedes have ventured into the folding bike world with their 2009 Folding Bike.  Not cheap at £1,099 though it does appear to be well equipped:

An adjustable gel saddle; ergonomic hand grips; tough Continental tyres with reflective side walls; a slick ‘semi-auto’ Shimano sequential-shift eight-speed derailleur for perfect pedalling cadence; folding pedals (reducing the folded width, and protecting shins); and two powerful disc brakes to ensure a high level of safety.

More info on this bike over on AutoBlogGreen.


Tour Spectator Killed

Saturday July 18, 2009

Sad news, a Tour de France spectator has been killed as she was struck by a Police motorcycle whilst crossing the road.

Two other spectators were injured when the bike slid into the crowd.

My thoughts go out to the family of the lady.

Link: BBC News story


NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB Tested

Tuesday July 14, 2009

These long summer days have been preventing me testing my new NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB on the bike, in the dark.  It’s still pretty light at 10pm but I ventured out last night with the NiteRider strapped to the Dahon and headed of for a ride of about 3 miles.

The light fixed easily to the Dahon’s handlebar using the smallest of the three rubber bands.  The battery pack strapped neatly to the handlebar upright.  Then I was off.

The NiteRider is significantly brighter than my Cateye HL-EL450 and gives a much brighter and clearer view of the road ahead – which will also aid visibility of me and the bike.  Once mounted, the light could be swivelled left and right to adjust the direction of the beam, however vertical adjustment was more tricky.

You have to set the vertical ‘aim’ of the light prior to fixing the band around the handlebar, once secured it will hold fast.  If you try and push the beam down after fitting, then the tension in the rubber band slowly pulls the beam back to its original position.

So, set the vertical orientation of the light and then pull the band tight and the NiteRider stays pretty much where you point it.

I cycled on roads and paths which ranged from ‘well lit’ to no lighting and the NiteRider’s beam was clear and steady throughout the test.  The beam was well defined and bright at all times and had a significantly longer  ‘range’ than the Cateye.

Don’t get me wrong, the Cateye is a good light and it will stay in my saddle bag when I’m out for the day in case I don’t get back before dark.  However, if I’m going out deliberately for an after dark ride then it’ll be the NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB that joins me.

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