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DoD Visitor Maps

Sunday July 5, 2009

The Dave On Dahon Who’s Among Us maps are pretty populated at the moment with a good range of countries covered.  I like this mapping tool as it gives me a view of where my visitors come from.

I thought I’d capture the maps as they stand today as occasionally they do get reset.  The two below show where the visitors come from.  The second map is the ‘heat map’ which indicates the concentration of visitors.

The third capture below is from the Flag Counter.  This shows visitor count in a different format.  This counter hasn’t been running as long as the Who’s Among Us counter but it’s another interesting way to view the DoD visitor stats.


DoD Visitors

Sunday March 15, 2009

I use Who’s Among Us here on the blog to see who’s online reading at any particular time.  All it does is plot visitors on the map.  I can’t see any more detail than the image below shows but it is interesting to see where readers come from.

The map pins are occassionaly reset/cleared, which is frustrating, but it’s still an interesting thing to watch.

The image below was captured at 2040GMT on 15th March ’09.  Most readers are coming from Europe and the east of the States.

Take a look at the live stats yourself.

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