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Saturday July 26, 2008

Welcome to the new blog.  Having just bought my first Dahon bike I thought I’d keep a blog of my progress with it and hopefully what I post will be of some help to others out there who are thinking of entering the world of the folding bike.

It’s Saturday night and my sparkling new Dahon Vitesse D7HG is standing in my hallway.  Having traveled through London this afternoon to buy it, I am now tired and have yet to try the bike out on my home turf.  It’s been a very hot day in London and as I sat in traffic with the D7 in the boot, I thought about the how much quicker I’d get home if I just dumped the car at the side of the road and sped off on the bike.  (I could never live in London)

So, that’s the first post.  My camera battery is charging and tomorrow I’ll take some photos and post my initial experiences in my life with the bike.

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