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Trek 4300 – Skewer Change

Sunday March 20, 2011

So, I managed to get out and take a look at the Trek today to clean it and change a few pieces.  In the end, all I changed were the skewers.

In preparation for the cycling year ahead, I’ve changed the standard quick-release skewers on both wheels for allen key skewers from Halo (I bought the XL 10mm drop-out set).  This should make the bike a little more anti-theft when it’s locked up outside a shop or pub(!).

The change over was very quick and simple.  No special tools required and no grease.

I was going to change the quick-release seat post clamp but I’d bought the wrong size – I needed a 34.9mm clamp for the Trek so I’ve ordered another from Wiggle.  So, the bike is now waiting for the new clamp and then next weekend (hopefully) I’ll fit that and then clean the bike ready for the warmer weather.

Halo Skewer


Still no cycling

Sunday November 28, 2010

It’s still quiet here on the cycling front.  I haven’t managed to get out for a while.  I even had a week in Norfolk (again) this month for relaxing but although I took the Trek, it didn’t see any action due to gales and heavy rain.  Managed some long walks though – the longest being 12 miles.

I need to get my shed cleared so the Trek can get out with less hassle and I need to charge the lights so the Dahon can get some after-work use.

Hmm, I hope the snow holds off.  None here yet but some is forecast.


Cycling To CityLink

Tuesday September 14, 2010

Since my epic ride to Pembrokeshire in April, I haven’t really been out on the bikes and I haven’t been running either.  I’ve had a few gentle rides into town and a leisurely ride or two when on holiday in Norfolk, but no ‘real’ rides.

Thought I’d get out on the Trek today.  I had a parcel to collect from the CityLink depot in Aylesford so I thought I’d get some exercise and some fresh air.  The parcel was only a book from Amazon so it would easily fit on the Trek’s rear rack.

It was slightly over 7 miles each way so a total journey of 14.8 miles was a pretty respectable ride after such a long break from long(er) distance cycling.  It was nice to feel the burning in my legs as I struggled up the hills and it was good to feel the rain on my face.

I’ve missed cycling…


A Week in Norfolk

Sunday June 13, 2010

Uncharacteristically, I went away on holiday last week.  I took the week off work and we headed up to Norfolk – a part of the UK which I’ve never visited before.

The Trek was strapped to the back of the car with the intention of a few long rides in this relatively flat area of England, a good way to get me back on the Trek after my 307 mile Charity ride.  Since that ride in April I haven’t been out on the Trek and I’ve only had a few gentle rides into town on the Dahon so I was hoping that I hadn’t done any permanent damage to my knees and that I would still be able to cycle.

The bad news was that the weather was pretty poor.  The good news is that we had some dry spells during the week and we managed an 11 mile ride around the Norfolk countryside and I didn’t have any pain from my knees.

We’d booked out ‘Little Lodge 1‘ for a week.  A perfect, modern, self-catering cottage on the edge of Bylaugh Hall’s estate (closed and repossessed?).  The cottage had parking and storage available for the bikes so it was an excellent choice of accommodation.  The owners of the Lodge gave us a warm welcome upon arrival and the Lodge itself was spotless.

Little Lodge 1 (2 is also available) is a great place to base a Norfolk holiday and it’s pretty central with all the major Norfolk attractions within easy reach – click here for a view/map of Little Lodge.

A great place for a cycling holiday, weather permitting!


Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres – Trek 4300

Saturday March 6, 2010

Tyre ComparisonWith a lot of miles forecast for 2010 I’ve set about modifying the Trek to make it better suited for on-road use.

This doesn’t mean that I’m never going to take it off-road again, or that I’m regretting buying a mountain bike over a road bike, but I just need to be able to adapt the bike to the sort of cycling that I’m planning on doing.

Having clocked up a few long rides on the stock bike, I thought that the best mod, and the first to tackle, would be to change the tyres.  Off came the standard knobbly ‘tractor’ tyres and on went a set of road-specific Schwalbe Marathon Plus.  I’d contacted they guys at Dotbike for some advice on an alternative tyre and they came back with some suggestions which included the Marathon Plus.  So, I placed my order (along with some other bits) and whilst there also bought some Schwalbe inner tubes to fit at the same time.

Fitting the tyres was as straight-forward as any tyre fitting and they look pretty good on the bike, making it look more ‘road-worthy’ than with the stock tyres.  They’re 26×1.75 tyres which makes them a bit thinner than the tyres I removed, which were 26×2.25.

The only thing I don’t particularly like with the Marathon Plus tyres is the 3M reflective strip on the sidewall.  I know that this is a pretty good safety feature, providing extra visibility at night, but I’d prefer the option to not have this feature – purely for aesthetic reasons.  But still, it’s probably best to have this feature on long rides when you’re not sure at what time you’ll be returning…

I haven’t managed to get any miles on the new tyresTyre Width yet, maybe tomorrow, but a quick ride along the street showed them to be very smooth and comfortable.  The flatter tread and lower rolling resistance should improve comfort and speed on my long rides.

Photos over on Flickr along with photos of the mods I’ve made (saddle, rear rack, grips).


Trek’s Birthday

Saturday February 20, 2010

One year ago today I bought my Trek 4300!

Where has that that year gone?

2010 should see some significant mileage racked up on this bike, I have some routes planned so keep watching for status updates.

This weekend I’m going to fit the new tyres and grips so it’s like the Trek’s birthday treat!!!

(My Trek Review is here)


First Cycle Of 2010

Sunday January 24, 2010

I broke the Trek out this afternoon and went out for a leisurely ride.  Covered just under eight miles, looking around and taking in the changes around the town.  There’s a new Premier Inn being built near the M2 motorway bridge so I had a quick look at that from the bridge and then down at ground level, not sure when it is scheduled to open but it’s popped up quite quickly over the past month or so.

I got up to just short of 30mph on one of the down hill sections and it was great to be out with the wind in my face after having been off the bikes for such a relatively long period of time.

This was my first outing in 2010, hopefully the first of many.  Now I just need to plan my major rides and excursions for the year and spend some more time in the saddle.

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