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Trek 4300 – Skewer Change

Sunday March 20, 2011

So, I managed to get out and take a look at the Trek today to clean it and change a few pieces.  In the end, all I changed were the skewers.

In preparation for the cycling year ahead, I’ve changed the standard quick-release skewers on both wheels for allen key skewers from Halo (I bought the XL 10mm drop-out set).  This should make the bike a little more anti-theft when it’s locked up outside a shop or pub(!).

The change over was very quick and simple.  No special tools required and no grease.

I was going to change the quick-release seat post clamp but I’d bought the wrong size – I needed a 34.9mm clamp for the Trek so I’ve ordered another from Wiggle.  So, the bike is now waiting for the new clamp and then next weekend (hopefully) I’ll fit that and then clean the bike ready for the warmer weather.

Halo Skewer


Trek 4300 – Modified

Saturday March 6, 2010

Following on from the tyre post below, here’s the finished bike and a list of the upgrades.

  • Bioflex Ozone saddle
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres (and Schwalbe inner tubes)
  • Topeak Super Tourist DX Rear Rack
  • Ergon GC2 grips

Larger photos of the modifications over on Flickr.

    Trek 4300 Modified


    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres – Trek 4300

    Saturday March 6, 2010

    Tyre ComparisonWith a lot of miles forecast for 2010 I’ve set about modifying the Trek to make it better suited for on-road use.

    This doesn’t mean that I’m never going to take it off-road again, or that I’m regretting buying a mountain bike over a road bike, but I just need to be able to adapt the bike to the sort of cycling that I’m planning on doing.

    Having clocked up a few long rides on the stock bike, I thought that the best mod, and the first to tackle, would be to change the tyres.  Off came the standard knobbly ‘tractor’ tyres and on went a set of road-specific Schwalbe Marathon Plus.  I’d contacted they guys at Dotbike for some advice on an alternative tyre and they came back with some suggestions which included the Marathon Plus.  So, I placed my order (along with some other bits) and whilst there also bought some Schwalbe inner tubes to fit at the same time.

    Fitting the tyres was as straight-forward as any tyre fitting and they look pretty good on the bike, making it look more ‘road-worthy’ than with the stock tyres.  They’re 26×1.75 tyres which makes them a bit thinner than the tyres I removed, which were 26×2.25.

    The only thing I don’t particularly like with the Marathon Plus tyres is the 3M reflective strip on the sidewall.  I know that this is a pretty good safety feature, providing extra visibility at night, but I’d prefer the option to not have this feature – purely for aesthetic reasons.  But still, it’s probably best to have this feature on long rides when you’re not sure at what time you’ll be returning…

    I haven’t managed to get any miles on the new tyresTyre Width yet, maybe tomorrow, but a quick ride along the street showed them to be very smooth and comfortable.  The flatter tread and lower rolling resistance should improve comfort and speed on my long rides.

    Photos over on Flickr along with photos of the mods I’ve made (saddle, rear rack, grips).


    Winter Is Coming

    Sunday September 27, 2009

    exWell, the Dave On Dahon statistics page (not publicly viewable) is showing that winter is on its way and that the nights are drawing in.

    My posts on the Cateye HL-EL450 and the NiteRider MiNewt Mini USB are climbing the popularity rank.  The Dahon D7HG review and that of the Trek 4300 are always in the top three popular posts but now I’m seeing lighting-related posts becoming more popular.

    Shorter days and longer nights appear to be sending the cycling community out to investigate new lighting solutions to help keep them pedalling for longer in these ever shortening days.


    Trek – 16 Miles, Sunny Sunday

    Sunday July 12, 2009

    Another sunny Sunday here so I took the Trek for a 16 mile ride with a friend.  It was a leisurely ride with fair number of stops whilst we chatted and caught up with all the news.

    Took the Trek off-road for the first time and it performed well.  The front shock fork soaked up a lot of the bumps, rocks and tree roots along the paths we cycled.  I’m still pleased with my choice of MTB, no complaints from me.

    Three Eurostar trains shot past us during one of the stops – the ground shakes as it passes at speeds well in excess of 100mph (top speed is 186mph, apparently).

    A great ride but now I’m sunburnt again.  Need to wear a hat.

    Still haven’t managed to try the NiteRider light out.  Hopefully during the week.  At the moment, though, it’s still too light at 10pm!


    Discs, Or Not?

    Sunday June 21, 2009

    Robert A., over on the Practical Cyclist blog, has posted an interesting article on the use of disc brakes on bikes.

    When buying my Trek, I decided not to pay the extra few Pounds and buy the disc version but to stay with the simpler technology of the V-brake.  One of the key factors in my decision was that I understand how to repair and tune ‘standard’ brakes but not hydraulic disc brakes (with their oil and goo) – and the possibility of having to learn how, during a ride miles from home one day, did not appeal at all!

    Back to Robert’s post: it’s an interesting review of the physics of bicycle brakes and well worth a read if you’re just about to buy yourself a new bike.

    Link: Maintenance of V-brakes, help page.
    Link: A Practical Cyclist


    Dahon vs Trek

    Saturday March 7, 2009

    As I’ve mentioned, the Trek is bigger and much more difficult to manoeuvre around the house than the Dahon.  As promised, I took some photos of the two bikes this morning after a short ride on the Dahon.

    Hopefully these photos will help illustrate how the Dahon is definitely a good choice of bike if you’re short on storage space or if you’re a commuter.

    The images are on Flickr so you can click on the shots below or click here for the full set of comparison photos.

    Dahon (Folded) and Trek

    Dahon and Trek Together

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