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No-Car Weekends

Saturday February 14, 2009

The plan is that I no longer use the car at the weekend.  Obviously there will be times when I will have to, such as when buying heavy items (lots of beer!) or travelling beyond the range of cycling – but that’s my plan.

Today as I was tackling the dreaded house work I realised that I needed some supplies so did I take the car?  No, the Dahon hit the streets.

Although I was tempted to just jump in the car, I wrapped up and unfolded the D7HG and cycled off.  Not only was this a far nice way to travel, it was also going to be greener, more relaxing and completely free.  Having the bike also meant that I wasn’t subjected to the annoyance of the usual Saturday morning traffic jams and the parking space hassle at the supermarket.

A quick walk around the shop and I was back on the bike with my purchases in my rucksack with my loaf of bread on the back rack.

This is where my Dahon excels and my Trek (still awaiting delivery) would not be suited.

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