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14.6 Miles – First Ride

Sunday March 1, 2009

Just got back from my first ride on the Trek 4300.  It went really well and it was nice to get out and get some fresh air.

It rides very differently to the Dahon – it makes you work whereas the Dahon is a far more relaxing ride.

It was a mild and overcast Sunday afternoon and my destination was a friend’s house.  They weren’t in so I came straight back, taking a different route from the outbound journey.  I stopped off at the castle on the way back just to relax a little bit and snap a few photos.

The journey was 14.61 miles, which I think isn’t bad for my first ‘long’ ride in many years.

More photos here on my Flickr account.

First Ride - Looking Good!


Blizzard Conditions

Monday February 2, 2009

Headed out to the shops yesterday afternoon to get in some supplies for the week.  Put on many layers of clothes, gloves, hat and scarf.

As I left, with all my lights flashing on the Dahon, the snow was really coming down hard and the wind was blowing directly into my face.  Tough ride to the shops, about 1.5 miles, but got there in the end.  Locked the bike up and did my shopping.  The ride back was much better.

One of the things which helped was a Hedy.  I bought two years ago during an earlier biking phase and it’s a good bit of kit.  You can use it as a hat, face mask, neck warmer etc.  It’s basically a tubular piece of material but it is very useful.

I thought they’d stopped making them as their website has closed down but Halfords still sells them.  I’ve also noticed that you can get the same thing from Buff.  Check out their videos to see how many ways you can wear one – first video shows all.  Head over to Buff as they have lots of colours and options – including some reflective ones.  I’ll be buying more as my old Hedy ones are looking a bit rough.


STOP! – Puncture

Saturday August 23, 2008

The Old & The New

The Old & The New

Damn.  Long Bank Holiday weekend, nice sunny Saturday evening and I’m out on the Dahon. 

Sitting in the sun, then I move on.  Cycle through the park, sit down, relax.  Then I move on, sit by the castle.  Then I move inside the castle grounds and relax.  Looking out over the river, the sun getting ever lower in the sky and the trusty Dahon by my side.

Then I move on…

Hmm, back wheel feels a little odd.  Surely I didn’t go over any of that broken glass I passed?  Did I?

Must have.  The back tyre was flat and I was about a mile from home.  A good evening for a slow walk back.

[More photos]


Dahon D7HG – First Ride

Monday July 28, 2008
So, it was around 1930 on Sunday night when the heat of the day started to subside. The Dahon, folded into its compact form, was carried outside and once again became a bike.

To start with, the D7HG felt a little strange. Having a shorter wheelbase than a mountain bike (my previous bike) it took a few moments to get used to the handling and stability. Having wobbled around for a while, I soon got the hang of things and settled back for a ride into town.

WD40 sprayed in here to stop the squeak

WD40 sprayed in here to stop the squeak

After about 200 yards a persistent squeak began to cry out from the back of the bike. After another 100 yards or so, the squeak became a wail – a loud and continuous noise which forced me to stop. Further investigation on the walk back and at the house led me to get out the can of Magic Liquid (aka WD40) and spray it around the left-hand side of the rear hub (the side away from the chain). That fixed it. There’s what appears to be a black plastic cone on that side which appeared to be creating the noise.

Jumping back on the now silent bike, I headed off again for the one mile journey into town – the destination: a park.

It was great to have the freedom on the bike and to quickly and easily get into these quiet parts of town with no hassle is a great experience.

Despite my initial fears, nobody laughed at my new little bike: not the kids, not the adults and not the people sitting outside the pub.  The bike looked good and the ride was great.


First Outing

First Outing


The Destination

The Destination

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