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Online DVD Rental

Thursday September 16, 2010

Stuck in and unable to get out on the bike?  Try renting from LoveFilm.

I’ve been renting DVDs from LoveFilm for a number of years and its very easy and hassle-free.  Just select what you want to watch from their massive online catalogue and add them to your ‘list’.  LoveFilm will then send you DVDs from that list in line with your membership quota.  For example, I pay £5.99 per month and that entitles me to 3 DVDs each month, one disc at home at any one time.

The great thing is that you don’t need to drive to the ‘video shop’ to get a film, they simply arrive in the post.  When you’ve finished watching, just stick it back in its envelope and post it in the nearest post box.  If you have any credits left in that month, then LoveFilm will simply send another film from your list.  Simple.

You can prioritise DVDs (high, medium or low) and that will affect which films are sent to your from your list.

A great service which keeps things simple and efficient.  Try LoveFilm today! – take a free trial.

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