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Trek 4300 – Takes Up Space

Friday February 20, 2009

Update on the new bike situation: it’s huge and takes up a lot of space!

It’s definitely not a Dahon!  It doesn’t have the convenience of a Dahon.

I keep my Dahon D7HG next to my computer desk.  Tonight, the new Trek is in here too and it’s huge compared to the Dahon.  Having said that, it does look very cool.  It has a matt black finish and looks pretty mean.


No Sign Of The New Bike

Tuesday February 17, 2009

Phoned Evans Cycles today for an update.  Nothing.  It’s not going to be here this week so this weekend won’t be off-roading fun for me.  😦

The (helpful) guy at Evans told me that it should be with me next week – barring any ‘problems’.  So hopefully I’ll have the new bike by Friday 27th.

It’s not nice having to wait in these days of ordering online and getting something delivered to your door the following morning.

“Not overly H.P.” – as a colleague of mine used to say.


New Bike Ordered

Friday February 13, 2009

I ordered the Trek 4300 on Monday night – with it shipping to store (Evans Cycles), so I’ll need to collect it on the way home from work one night.

It’s going to be 7 to 10 days before it arrives at the store so I’ve got time to clear some space in my shed for it.  That’s the downside of the mountain bike: you need more space to store it.  Unlike my trusty Dahon who lives next to my computer desk – making it very easy to pick up and get out and about.

Trek 4300 review will follow soon after I get the bike!


Which Dahon Would You Buy Next?

Wednesday September 24, 2008

I have my Dahon D7HG, and as I’ve mentioned before it’s a little bit slow – ideal for commuting and nipping into town, but too slow for a decent ‘ride’.

Obviously Dahon makes a large range of bikes but what would you go for to get that extra speed?  Another Dahon?  Or would you go for a mountain bike.  Going for a mountain bike would get you a cheaper bike or more bike for your pound but you lose the compact storage size.

What would you do?…

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