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NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB Tested

Tuesday July 14, 2009

These long summer days have been preventing me testing my new NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB on the bike, in the dark.  It’s still pretty light at 10pm but I ventured out last night with the NiteRider strapped to the Dahon and headed of for a ride of about 3 miles.

The light fixed easily to the Dahon’s handlebar using the smallest of the three rubber bands.  The battery pack strapped neatly to the handlebar upright.  Then I was off.

The NiteRider is significantly brighter than my Cateye HL-EL450 and gives a much brighter and clearer view of the road ahead – which will also aid visibility of me and the bike.  Once mounted, the light could be swivelled left and right to adjust the direction of the beam, however vertical adjustment was more tricky.

You have to set the vertical ‘aim’ of the light prior to fixing the band around the handlebar, once secured it will hold fast.  If you try and push the beam down after fitting, then the tension in the rubber band slowly pulls the beam back to its original position.

So, set the vertical orientation of the light and then pull the band tight and the NiteRider stays pretty much where you point it.

I cycled on roads and paths which ranged from ‘well lit’ to no lighting and the NiteRider’s beam was clear and steady throughout the test.  The beam was well defined and bright at all times and had a significantly longer  ‘range’ than the Cateye.

Don’t get me wrong, the Cateye is a good light and it will stay in my saddle bag when I’m out for the day in case I don’t get back before dark.  However, if I’m going out deliberately for an after dark ride then it’ll be the NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB that joins me.


Cateye H-34: Comes Loose

Monday September 15, 2008

Having fitted a Cateye H-34 bracket to the handlebar of my Dahon, I had expected it to stay put.  I went out for a ride over the weekend, around the three mile mark, and on the return I noticed that the H-34 bracket was loose and had slid to the end of the handlebar.

The light wasn’t fitted at the time so I didn’t notice the problem until I started to push the bike alongside me as I walked.  It’s strange as I haven’t used the bike a great deal since fitting the bracket so it hasn’t been subjected to too much vibration and use. 

Fortunately, the beauty of the H-34 bracket is that it’s simple to tighten back up – just a few twists of the wheel and it’s as good as new.

I’m going to have to keep an eye on this…

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