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Part 2: New Royal Mail Centre – Strood, Kent (Aerial Shot)

Tuesday January 24, 2012

I had forgotten to post the photo below having posted back in July about the new Royal Mail Centre in Strood, Kent.

I took this photograph whilst out for a birthday flight over Kent back in October.  This shows progress on the site as of the 2nd of October 2011.  Click the image for a larger photo.

©2011 DaveOnDahon


New Royal Mail Centre – Strood, Kent

Sunday July 24, 2011

The Royal Mail’s new mail centre has sprung up out of the ground in Strood, Kent.  Easily visible from the Rochester side of the Medway, it’s due to be operational in 2012.

[Update, 24th Jan 2012: I’ve uploaded an aerial shot of the Mail Centre which I took in October (Click Here)]


307 Miles For Charity

Sunday April 18, 2010

At the beginning of 2010 I was keen to make the most of the year ahead and to get out and spend more time on my bikes.  I began to plan a number of rides and challenges, from short local rides to longer more intense ‘journeys’.

One of the major journeys I was planning was to cycle from my home in Rochester, Kent, to my parents’ home in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire – a distance in excess of 300 miles (483km).  Then I began thinking a little more about it…

In the latter half of 2009 my father was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks the upper and lower motor neurones.  I didn’t know much about the disease so thought I’d take a look around.  Then I found the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA), a registered charity, which supports sufferers and families in addition to funding awareness and research programmes.

So, with that in mind, I decided to cycle the 300+ miles and raise money for the MNDA at the same time…

Read the full story of my charity cycle ride, my struggles, the kit I took and review my route via this link.

(Click the link above to view my full Charity Ride report or click below to donate to the cause!)


The Challenge Has Started

Monday October 19, 2009

So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve set myself a challenge to cycle every road in Rochester.

Why?  There are so many streets and roads which I’ve never been down despite having now lived here for 12 years (wow, that’s a long time – hadn’t really thought of about how long I’ve been here).  So, I thought that this ‘challenge’ would be a good way for me to get out on the bike and also get to know the local area.

I had the day off work today so I headed out to the bottle bank with a load of bottles to recycle and I thought I’d make a start on the challenge.

Covered just over 7 miles and had a nice hour and a half of lazy ‘sight-seeing’.

I need to have a think about how I show progress in relation to this challenge.  I think it’ll be a map.  I’d ideally like to have a list of all the local roads/streets and be able to tick them off as I progress, but that’s not possible as I can’t find a (free) listing of the local streets.  I need to think a little more…

Dahon, Medway and Castle


Whitstable – A Long Ride

Thursday April 16, 2009

With a week off work my plan has been to catch up on all the things I should have been doing over the past five months but also to get out on the bikes and get some exercise and fresh air.

The holiday didn’t start well with a cold kicking in on my first day off and a mysterious sprained ankle (?!) on day two – I woke up and could walk!  That lasted a day or two before it strangely fixed itself during another night of sleep.

Easter Monday’s ride was pretty good and got me into the swing of things.  It was the longest ride I’d been on in many years and being able to switch off from the hassles and stresses of everyday life was very nice.

Wednesday was forecast to be a nice day so I got up and prepared the Trek.  Sandwiches, bottle of squash, cash, sunglasses.  My Topeak Aero Wedge DX was fitted under the saddle with a spare inner tube, Topeak Mini 9 multi tool and other bits and pieces.

Today was going to be a BIG ride.  My destination was Herne Bay, which was a round trip of over 60 miles.

When I set off, it was foggy and damp but with a forecast for sun and a great day ahead  I set of in good spirits.  There were to be some big hills on the way and the first one was only a couple of miles away in Chatham so it wasn’t going to be an easy start.

The ride went well and although the roads were pretty busy the majority of drivers were respectful of my space and gave me a lot of room whilst overtaking.  Even when I slowed them right down on the steep climbs they were patient and ensured that they passed safely.  Only one driver, on the return journey, passed far too close and just missed my handle bars – dangerous and idiotic.  However, that was one in many.  So top marks for the drivers of the area.

I’d estimated around three hours to complete the journey and decided to stop on the hour to stretch my legs and have a quick drink for a couple of minutes.  Just under an hour got me to the A249 and I stopped on the bridge over the busy dual carriageway.

My next stop was at a Little Chef road-side restaurant on the A299.  This was a very busy dual carriageway with cars travelling at 70+ mph so it wasn’t fun!  At this time I was very hungry so I thought I’d stop at the Little Chef for one of their Olympic Breakfasts.  The restaurant was quiet and they had no objection to me wheeling the bike inside and propping it up next to my table.  The first thing the waiter said to me as I entered was “You look knackered!” – after a 26 mile ride, I was!

Heading away from the Little Chef, now refuelled, I passed a sign saying Whitstable 7 miles, Herne Bay 11 miles.  Hmm, I thought, Whitstable it is then!

Change of plan took me to Whitstable rather than Herne Bay so I’d have a little more time to relax at the destination prior to heading home.  I was aware of the time and was keen to get home before sunset so Whitstable seemed the wiser choice.

Having grown up on the coast of Pembrokeshire, Whitstable, and the Kent coastline in general, is too bland and flat for my tastes.  There was nothing photograph-worthy in my mind on the seafront.

The town centre itself was extremely busy and I was glad that I could nip through the traffic on my bike whereas the cars sat in near gridlock.  I found a small park with a refreshment hut and sat down to enjoy a well deserved Coke and choc ice.

Then I was off.  Back onto the bike and heading North to Rochester.  This time I was keen to avoid that busy dual carriageway so I followed the coast along the back roads to Faversham.  The sun had by now burnt away the fog and was working on my exposed skin.  I could feel myself dehydrating and all I could think about was cold drink.

It was a great ride.  It wasn’t leisurely, I pushed myself for the majority of the journey and at the end of the return leg I was very tired and began to slow down.  Reaching Rainham I was seriously running low of energy and I slowed considerably but I was still pretty positive and was still enjoying it.  The sense of achievement was great as I headed into my local area and finally reached home.

With the Cateye computer reading 58.88 miles, I dismounted at my house and I was home!  The computer only records actual cycle time and it read 5 hours 46 minutes – no wonder I was a little saddle sore!

The Trek had performed well – as had my now aching legs.

(Flickr holds larger photos from the day)

GPS Track

Coke and Choc Ice

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