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Recycle Cycle

Sunday July 19, 2009

I’d been thinking about how do I stop the empty Grolsch and wine bottles from stacking up in my kitchen.

I could put them out in the ‘blue bin’ for recycling, but they don’t truly recycle that glass, it’s just reused (hard core or other such filler).  I was thinking that I should take it to the bottle bank and get rid of them that way, ‘real recycling’.  The next question was how to get them there on the Dahon.  The ride was going to be about a mile and a half to the bottle bank and I don’t have a cycle trailer.  Hmm…

Folding Crate

The Crate Folded

I had a look around the house and realised that I had the perfect solution!  A small Tontarelli folding crate that appeared to be the ideal size (10L) to mount on the back rack of the Dahon.

I added some small plastic blocks to the bottom of the crate to help it engage with the rack – a few screws and some foam pads keep things together.  Then a couple of bungie straps secure the crate to the Dahon’s rear rack.

The Crate Open


I left the house early this morning with a full load of glass in the crate and headed off to the bottle bank.  Bumps in the road caused the bottles to rattle around a fair bit, so it was a little noisy on the way but not too bad.

I’d quickly popped all the bottles into the bottle banks so thought I’d take a look around town before heading back to the house for breakfast.

It was the last of the four Castle Concerts in the grounds of the Castle last night so the stage was still up (photo).  There were some fantastic fireworks at the end, over the River Medway, late last night but there weren’t any remains as I cycled around this morning.

It’s a nice day out there and the Dahon has helped me be that little bit ‘greener’ this morning as it became my Recycle Cycle!

The Recylce Cycle


Recycle Cycle - Bottle Bank


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