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Dahon at the Giants Causeway

Tuesday September 30, 2008

Robin Parkes, who has commented on my D7HG review, recently sent me the following photographs of his Dahon and with his permission I’m posting the following:


I thought you might like to see the Dahon at one of our best known visitor attractions. The roads around the north coast of Antrim don’t have seriously steep hills but they are long so you have to keep pedalling. The Dahon is good for these hills but being 61 I’m not so good. I got a puncture but, mercifully, I did not notice it until we got back to the railway station at Coleraine or we wouldn’t have travelled so far. I was panicking at the Giants Causeway for we had an hour and a quarter to get from there and through Bushmills to Coleraine and I couldn’t remember how far it was even though I would have been up there quite a lot but not on the road from Bushmills to Coleraine. I saw a sign saying 7 miles just after leaving Bushmills for Coleraine but it was one long drag after another. We made it with 22 minutes to spare.

Regards, Robin.

Robin, many thanks for sending the photos, looks like a nice place to be cycling.  It’s fantastic to hear from somebody who reads my blog!!!

Dahon at The Giants Causeway

Dahon at The Giant's Causeway


Another Shot of Robins Dahon

Another Shot of Robin's Dahon

Images ©2008 Robin Parkes

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