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Another Folding Bike Concept

Saturday August 8, 2009

Here’s another ‘concept’ folder, this time it’s by Dominic Hargreaves and it’s in the running for the James Dyson Award.

Also check out his ‘hoist’ design.


Mercedes Folding Bike

Saturday July 18, 2009

Mercedes have ventured into the folding bike world with their 2009 Folding Bike.  Not cheap at £1,099 though it does appear to be well equipped:

An adjustable gel saddle; ergonomic hand grips; tough Continental tyres with reflective side walls; a slick ‘semi-auto’ Shimano sequential-shift eight-speed derailleur for perfect pedalling cadence; folding pedals (reducing the folded width, and protecting shins); and two powerful disc brakes to ensure a high level of safety.

More info on this bike over on AutoBlogGreen.

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