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Folding Shovel

Saturday January 1, 2011

With all the recent snow and resulting travel chaos, I invested in a folding shovel to keep in the car in case I ended up getting snowed in at work (nightmare scenario!).

It arrived yesterday, almost a month after I’d ordered it, and the snow has now gone, but it will be kept in the car in case of more snow or trouble in the years to come.

It’s a British Army shovel, and has seen a fair bit of use (paint missing and some dents) but it’s small, light and it only cost me £15 from

eDisposals is run for The Disposal Services Authority (DSA) which off-loads used equipment for the MOD.  You can get an array of equipment from them such as my folding shovel or an armoured Range Rover or you can even tender for HMS Invincible (an aircraft carrier!!!)

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