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Canon G11 – Blind / Fault / Iris

Friday October 29, 2010

Hmm, took my Canon G11 to be repaired today.  A few days short of one year old and it develop a fault.  No impact, no adverse handling, no weather damage.

It appears that the iris/shutter is stuck closed.  The LCD viewfinder is working correctly and displays all the correct symbology; in playback mode, it correctly displays previously captured photographs.  However, it doesn’t show anything coming through the lens, it’s just black.  The camera is blind.

Looking down into the lens, you can see the iris is closed.  It no long operates.

Fortunately, I took out the extended warranty from Jessops when I bought the camera and that covers both failure and accidental damage.  A quick call to the insurers and they put me in touch with the Jessops/Canon-approved repair centre (where the camera now is).

Canon’s Customer Support (via their website) were next to useless when I contacted them.  They just said turn it on and off and then send it to their repair centre.

Now it’s just sit back and wait for the diagnosis…

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