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CTC Gift Membership (Free Buff!)

Friday November 27, 2009

Free Buff headwear when you give a gift CTC membership!

Quote from the CTC weekly email newsletter:

“CTC Festive Gift Membership is the perfect present that lasts all year and it comes with a free Buff® worth £18. It is the ideal present for a cyclist as it includes all the benefits of being a CTC member. Prices for CTC membership start at just £12. To order CTC Festive Gift Membership, simply call 0844 736 8451, quote ‘Buff’, give us the details of the lucky person and we’ll do the rest! For delivery in time for Christmas please call before 15 December.”


Buff Freebies

Friday February 6, 2009

So, in my Blizzard Conditions post I mentioned Buff headwear, well I ordered two new Buffs to replace my tatty old Hedys.

They arrived yesterday and in the pack were a number of free items:

  • CDR of instructional videos
  • 2x temporary tattoos
  • 2x yellow Buff stickers
  • 2x black $ueMe stickers
  • Buff 2008/2009 catalogue
  • Buff mobile phone screen cleaner

A nice touch, not that they’re of use to me, but a nice touch nevertheless.

Click the photo to go to the Flickr page for more detail.

Bonus Item


Blizzard Conditions

Monday February 2, 2009

Headed out to the shops yesterday afternoon to get in some supplies for the week.  Put on many layers of clothes, gloves, hat and scarf.

As I left, with all my lights flashing on the Dahon, the snow was really coming down hard and the wind was blowing directly into my face.  Tough ride to the shops, about 1.5 miles, but got there in the end.  Locked the bike up and did my shopping.  The ride back was much better.

One of the things which helped was a Hedy.  I bought two years ago during an earlier biking phase and it’s a good bit of kit.  You can use it as a hat, face mask, neck warmer etc.  It’s basically a tubular piece of material but it is very useful.

I thought they’d stopped making them as their website has closed down but Halfords still sells them.  I’ve also noticed that you can get the same thing from Buff.  Check out their videos to see how many ways you can wear one – first video shows all.  Head over to Buff as they have lots of colours and options – including some reflective ones.  I’ll be buying more as my old Hedy ones are looking a bit rough.

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