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Discs, Or Not?

Sunday June 21, 2009

Robert A., over on the Practical Cyclist blog, has posted an interesting article on the use of disc brakes on bikes.

When buying my Trek, I decided not to pay the extra few Pounds and buy the disc version but to stay with the simpler technology of the V-brake.  One of the key factors in my decision was that I understand how to repair and tune ‘standard’ brakes but not hydraulic disc brakes (with their oil and goo) – and the possibility of having to learn how, during a ride miles from home one day, did not appeal at all!

Back to Robert’s post: it’s an interesting review of the physics of bicycle brakes and well worth a read if you’re just about to buy yourself a new bike.

Link: Maintenance of V-brakes, help page.
Link: A Practical Cyclist

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