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Sea to Summit Compression Sack

Saturday January 30, 2010

Here’s a great bit of kit: a Sea To Summit Compression Sack.

I’ve been trying to sort out one of my cupboards and I’ve always struggled to store my sleeping bag – I very rarely use it but it’s handy to have around.  It’s quite a bulky warm bag I have continually failed to tie it up or pack it in a small and convenient way.

A friend stayed the night, earlier this month, after a night of beer and laughter around town and his sleeping bag was in one of these compression sacks.  I watched, the following morning, as he rolled and packed the sleeping bag into the sack and then with a few pulls on the straps it shrunk to a fraction of its size.

I had to get one and I’m glad I did.  It cost £11 over on Amazon and I’ve just packed the sleeping bag up and it’s ready to be stored.  It creates a neat, tight bundle which is far easier to store than when I simply used a piece of string around the bag’s middle.

I bought the large size for my sleeping bag and Sea To Summit say that this will compress 20 Ltr down to 6.5 Ltr.

Sea To Summit have their own website with lots more kit, many products which may prove useful for those long bike rides…


Music and

Saturday May 2, 2009

So, a little over two years and has logged me playing over 22,000 tracks, which equates to an average of 30 tracks per day.  That’s a lot of music.

I did have some hiccups with the scrobbling software I was using previously and it failed to ‘scrobble’ all my tracks on a couple of occasions so the figure might be slightly lower than reality.  Since then, and since it reliably scrobbled tracks from iPods, I have been using the genuine software on my Mac. is a great site for understanding your musical tastes and for finding new music.  The site suggests new music to you based on your listening habits.

To discover new music, I use, Amazon’s recommendations and iTunes.  I buy my music from iTunes, Amazon Download, or on CD from Amazon.

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