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Cycling To CityLink

Tuesday September 14, 2010

Since my epic ride to Pembrokeshire in April, I haven’t really been out on the bikes and I haven’t been running either.  I’ve had a few gentle rides into town and a leisurely ride or two when on holiday in Norfolk, but no ‘real’ rides.

Thought I’d get out on the Trek today.  I had a parcel to collect from the CityLink depot in Aylesford so I thought I’d get some exercise and some fresh air.  The parcel was only a book from Amazon so it would easily fit on the Trek’s rear rack.

It was slightly over 7 miles each way so a total journey of 14.8 miles was a pretty respectable ride after such a long break from long(er) distance cycling.  It was nice to feel the burning in my legs as I struggled up the hills and it was good to feel the rain on my face.

I’ve missed cycling…


Trek’s Birthday

Saturday February 20, 2010

One year ago today I bought my Trek 4300!

Where has that that year gone?

2010 should see some significant mileage racked up on this bike, I have some routes planned so keep watching for status updates.

This weekend I’m going to fit the new tyres and grips so it’s like the Trek’s birthday treat!!!

(My Trek Review is here)


37.7 Miles, Sunday Morning

Sunday September 20, 2009
The Bikes

The Bikes

Another ride today, 37.7 miles in total around parts of Kent but this ride was a little different – I had company.

I friend joined me for this ride.  We’ve been talking about setting up semi-regular rides and this was our first one.  I normally ride alone but today was fun.  He is fitter than me so he was powering up the hills and leaving me struggling behind in first gear!  To add insult to injury, he was even cycling back down the hills to see where I was!  🙂

We left just before 9am and headed up the Medway valley through Wouldham, Burham, Eccles and Aylesford before crossing the M20 motorway travelling through some of the back roads of Maidstone.  Just before Bearsted we turned North and again crossed the motorway heading towards Detling.

Passing through Detling, we cycled on single lane country roads towards Thurnham and we were overtaken by some road cyclists, groups of four or more, who appeared to be part of a cycling club.  They shot by with their more suitable gearing and slick tyres and a cheery shout of “Morning!”.

The Black Horse Inn, Thurnham

The Black Horse Inn

We stopped for a snack in Thurnham, near the Black Horse Inn and Thurnham Keep – good food at the Black Horse, spent many a long evening in there eating good food and drinking great wine.  The odometer read 13.3 miles at this point, 1h23m and an average speed of 10mph.

From that point, we cycled down into Hollingbourne before we hit the biggest hill of the day.  In 0.79 miles we climbed 332.5 ft – it was a nasty hill, I almost gave up but I put my head down and pushed through the pain barrier.

The next place we stopped was a small village called Bredgar where we grabbed a Mars Bar and a Coke from the local Farm Shop (CTC cyclists welcome!) before sitting down by the duck pond.  Nice village with some nice houses – worth a look if you’re passing.

Another Old House!

A House In Bredgar

Next stop was at Borden for a few photos of the church  before head down again and cycling back towards the Medway Towns.  Hempstead was our entry point where my friend broke off as we passed his house – he’d already cycled to my house in the morning so we ended up doing the same distance.  Then it was cycling alone back to my house.

A good ride.  It wasn’t sunny, but it was relatively warm.  No rain, which was great as earlier in the week they had forecast heavy rain.

More photos from the ride over on Flickr (click here).

The Route - 37.7 Miles, shown in yellow

The Route - 37.7 Miles, shown in yellow

The Rides Profile

The Ride's Profile


6.7 On The Trek

Sunday August 2, 2009

Well, I managed to get out on the Trek this afternoon.  Had an enjoyable and relaxing 6.7 mile ride around the town and the river.  Didn’t push it and didn’t go crazy on the speed or mileage, but it was nice to get out.

Both bikes got an airing this weekend and I’ve managed to clear a number of things off my ‘to-do’ list too.  A good weekend.

Hmm, now another weekend of work lies ahead.   😦


The Ride, The Challenge And… Failure

Sunday April 5, 2009

The Trek was the chosen bike today.  I was out for a ride which ended up being around 14 miles to see some friends.

On the way, on the A2 heading east, I pulled up at the lights just as they turned red.  As I coasted to a stop, I twisted my feet out of the pedals before gently pulling up at  the line.  The guy to my right slowly eased to the line and we looked at each other.  There was a slight acknowledgement before we both checked the lights again – still red.

We waited.

I raised the left-hand pedal into position.  I checked my gears.  I checked the road behind.  I checked… my challenger.

The Trek 4300 felt good.  It was a warm and sunny day.  This bike could handle this.

Red.  Still red.  I looked to my right, he was there, he was watching.  We were both ready.

I changed my mind.  Right-hand pedal up this time.  Quickly.

Red and Amber lights.  Here goes.  The challenge begins.


I push down hard and accelerate away from the line.  My feet lock swiftly into the pedals and I’m away.

But it’s already over.  I have lost.  My challenger has beaten me and I have failed.

The Trek 4300 was no match for the bright red Ferrari 430.



Trek 4300 – It’s Here

Friday February 20, 2009

I collected my new Trek 4300 (2009) today from Evans Cycles in Crawley (near Gatwick).  It really does look nice in the flesh.  I’m happy today!

Bought a few additional ‘things’ whilst at the shop too, I’ll report on them over the weekend along with more on the Trek.

Nice shop and a really helpful Sales Adviser called Debbie (I think).

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