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Chain Reaction Cycles Hit By Fraud

Thursday March 17, 2011

[From The Register]

A security breach at popular UK-based biking site has been linked by victims to multiple instances of fraud…

The majority of fraudulent transactions reported seem to involve mobile phone top-ups to either Vodafone or O2, typically two transactions valued at £15 or so for a total fraudulent amount of £30. However, a small percentage of victims have been taken for thousands of pounds…

…Purchases at CRC between March 4 to 12 seem to be those most closely associated with subsequent fraud… [Text from The Register – click here]



Monday March 14, 2011

Guardian LogoCycling groups launch petition against Northern Ireland bike helmet law

Campaigners say the law would deter cyclists which would affect public health, the environment and traffic levels. [Guardian]

I’m against compulsory cycle-helmets.  I don’t want one, I don’t need one.  If I’m cylcing on a racing/road bike then I would probably get one due to the speed of the ride, but when I’m on my Trek or Dahon I don’t want to wear a helmet.

My ‘helmet or not’ poll is still running…


Bicycle Beauty

Friday March 11, 2011

BBC ImageThe Beeb has a photo set from Michael Embacher capturing some interesting looking bike from the past 90 years.

Head over to:


New Dahon Bikes For 2011

Monday January 3, 2011

Dahon have updated their site with the 2011 models today.

I quite like the Speed P8 but I don’t think my budget will stretch to a new bike this year!

I’m going to give my two bikes a quick service this month and get them ready for a year of increase cycling.  Both (Dahon and Trek) need a dust down and a quick mechanical check and then they’ll be ready for the road.

Must add that to my list of things to do…


Dahon 2011 Sneak Preview (via My Bike Shop Blog!)

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Just found this over on the “My Bike Shop Blog”. Some nice looking bikes on the horizon!

(Thanks to ‘My Bike Shop Blog’ for this) – click to read the full post.

Dahon 2011 sneak preview bikes are coming The much raved about Vector series, the replacement for the SpeedPro TT andMu EX/MuSL  is coming soon. Speedmatrix have given MBS the exclusive rights to release the new models for a select few by INVITE ONLY. BTW we have no price or availability information. If you want to be on the mailing list when the bikes are available for viewing, send and we will register your interest via email to The Vector won  a prestigious E … Read More

via My Bike Shop Blog!


Lamp Post Lock

Sunday November 28, 2010

Found this interesting bike lock concept over on Gizmodo.  Simply attach it to a lamp post, lock on your bike and up it goes, out of reach of those nasty criminals.



Heinnie Haynes – Money Pit!

Tuesday August 24, 2010

Heinnie Haynes is an online shop which keeps taking my money!  In a good way.

I have spent a lot of money at HH over the years and it’s one website which I visit daily to see what new ‘toys’ they have for sale.

They stock a wide range of kit which could be of use to cyclists, ranging from knives and multi-tools, through to survival gear, watches and torches.

Online ordering is quick and secure and customer support is quick and effective.  In-Stock goods are dispatched quickly and P&P is free but you also have the option to pay for next-day delivery (they also ship internationally) .

Take a look:

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