Monday October 24, 2011

Okay, so I am a cyclist. I enjoy cycling. However, some cyclists just don’t help themselves nor the cycling community.

Lights: They’re not expensive. They benefit you (and only you!). Buy some! Buy some good ones!

The number of cyclists I pass (as a car driver) with inadequate, or no lighting at all(!), still continues to surprise me. As a vulnerable road user, why wouldn’t you do as much as possible to make yourself visible after dark?!

Many of these ‘unlit’ riders appear to have spent many hundreds of pounds on the lightest, fastest bikes and the most high-tech of lycra clothing but either fail to buy any lights or spend a token amount on pathetic small and dim lighting. Reflective and/or high-vis clothing also appears to be avoided by these people!

Fellow cyclists, buy yourself some quality lights. Buy quality front and rear lights. Make sure that you’re visible to other traffic!

Be safe on the roads. Keep cycling!


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