DoD: Three Years Old

Tuesday July 26, 2011

Today, the 26th of July 2011, marks this blog’s third birthday!

Three years ago today I posted the very first post in my blog, a blog to provide other riders with information on Dahon bikes and primarily my experiences with these great machines.

Although I’ve so far failed to cycle this year (I know, it’s bad!!!) I still have the passion for cycling and my love of my Dahon is still strong – it’s just work is getting in the way more often! I just need to change things and readdress my work-life balance! (Don’t we all?!).

I hope the blog continues to help other cyclists.

Keep riding!



  1. … it’s really bad!

    Just yesterday I looked on your blog and find out – no cycling. Yes you need readdress your work-life balance and so we all!
    But solution can be so simple! … just start commuting by bike to work 🙂

    I’m doying it every day about 10 miles (one way) in almost all weather and it’s just great. Sometimes I’m using a public transport for part of the way. This is really great oportunity for the folder …

    • My commute is too far and not accessible by public transport 😦

      But I am certain that I’ll get the bikes out during August!!!

  2. Dear Dave,

    thank you very much for your brilliant blog !

    • Thanks Claire! 🙂

  3. You need to make rules.
    Like wednesday is a biking day. Take Dahon on shoping and than relaxing long-tour-return path 😀

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