New Royal Mail Centre – Strood, Kent

Sunday July 24, 2011

The Royal Mail’s new mail centre has sprung up out of the ground in Strood, Kent.  Easily visible from the Rochester side of the Medway, it’s due to be operational in 2012.

[Update, 24th Jan 2012: I’ve uploaded an aerial shot of the Mail Centre which I took in October (Click Here)]



  1. […] had forgotten to post the photo below having posted back in July about the new Royal Mail Centre in Strood, […]

  2. how do i apply for a job in the catering department. I have been in catering for thirty five years.

    • Have you tried asking the Royal Mail?!

  3. Fantastic, my tracked package went from North London MC to Central London MC down to Tonbridge MC then back up to Medway MC then back down to Sevenoaks PDO! Its passed my front door 3 times on its way to FD in Sevenoaks. No doubt Medway MC will be claiming it handles millions of parcels successfully. No doubt some of the millions were in vans haring around Kent in circles, not running on solar powered walls or run-off rainwater, just customers money!

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