Broadband Speed – Virgin Media

Sunday January 30, 2011

My broadband speed is still very good on Virgin Media.  I pay for 20Mb/s and that’s what I’m getting.  Nice to see!

I haven’t been tempted to upgrade to the 50Mb/s or 100Mb/s service yet – I don’t need that speed as I’m not a download or file-sharing fanatic.

My latest test results via SpeedTest.net:



  1. Great to hear it – good news 🙂

    Customer Experience
    Virgin Media

    • Morning Alex.
      One of the inhibitors to upgrading to one of VM’s faster broadband services is the integrated modem-router VM provides. I’d rather have a modem-only option (like with the 20Mb/s service) – I have my own router and would use that and would not want to be running VM’s in parallel.

      Can VM provide a modem only 50 or 100 Mb/s solution?

      (Thanks for visiting!)


      • Look at mine!

        Download 0.91Mb/s
        Upload 0.24Mb/s

  2. Umm, Robin… you have my sympathy! 😉

  3. 20 Mb/s…must be nice 😉 I only get a little over 2.

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