Dell Inspiron 530 – Power Supply

Wednesday August 18, 2010

My trusty Dell Inspiron 530 lives again!  After a couple of days of inactivity, I have now brought my PC back to life with the installation of a new Power Supply Unit (PSU).

Monday night, when turning the computer on, it made a brief noise and then silence.  The power button LED on the front of the computer glowed a steady amber colour (usually it’s blue).  The computer did nothing, it didn’t boot.  It was dead.

A bit of googling via the iPod Touch, which was close at hand, took me to the Dell website and the manual for the computer (my copy long since discarded).  Steady Amber LED indicated a problem with power.  Nothing could have accidentally have become unplugged over night so I therefore assumed that the power supply had died.  The computer is almost three years old and it’s on more often than off so it has lasted well.

Next step, the Maplin website (www.Maplin.co.uk) and a quick search for PSUs.  Unfortunately, my local Maplin stores were devoid of the PSUs I looked at so I resorted to mail order.  I selected the 450W  iCute Titanium ATX Power Supply and paid for standard delivery – this was to replace the 350W LiteOn power supply which had died within the Dell.

The Maplin order arrived today, the day after I placed the order, and the new PSU is installed and running.

One problem, the new PSU only has one SATA power connector.  With the Dell Inspiron 530, the hard drive and the DVD/CDR drive both require SATA power.  I don’t use the CDR drive often so I can live without it for a while.  I’ll get a 4-pin to SATA power converter soon – they’re available for around £1.

Apart from that, it’s all good and I’m back online with my desktop PC!


  1. Was your Inspiron made in Limerick? Don’t buy anything new from them for they are made in Poland and, as I suspected, the returns in PC World have escalated like nothing else.

  2. Not sure Robin.
    I bought it via the Dell website almost three years ago.

    My Dell has lasted pretty well. It’s always on when I’m in the house so it is probably on more than most peoples’ computers.

    I’m happy with it and haven’t had any problems up until this power supply failure.

  3. Hey, can you please tell me how u replaced it? because my computer is completely dead.. not even an amber light or a green light on the psu right underneath the plug. Please reply soon

    • It’s pretty straight-forward to do. But bear in mind that you MAY break things when you get inside your computer and you’ll negate any warranty on the computer. If you’re in any doubt, take it to a computer repair shop.

      Electricity can be dangerous!

      I’ve just googled this topic and here’s a step by step guide: http://www.fonerbooks.com/r_power.htm

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