No Cycling

Wednesday August 11, 2010

I haven’t been out much on the bikes for quite a while, probably not since my epic ride across the country back in April.

I think I’ve popped into town on both bikes since but nothing more than an errand.  Life has just been far too busy for me to break them out of the house.   Work and other things have simply forced themselves on me as priorities.  Time to think about how to readdress the work-life balance, I think.

I have been walking a bit though, and the camera comes with me on most ambles into town…

Rochester Cathedral and Clouds


  1. Even if I not posted for long time … I’m reading your blog almost daily …

    You are just lazy 😀
    Still commuting every day on Dahon 20 miles even if there is a hard rain like at Friday was.

    I’m starting to love it more and more and if I just imagine the commute by public transport, or god bless me by car, I’m cured and glad to taking my water-proof clothes 🙂

    • True! I think I am in a lazy phase at the moment 🙂

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