PowerPax – Battery Caddy

Sunday April 25, 2010

Image From PowerPax websiteI bought a few of these PowerPax battery caddies to safely store my battery supplies during my charity ride from Rochester to Fishguard.

These are tough plastic caddies into which you slot your batteries.  Once inserted, each battery is protected from damage and short circuits.  To remove a battery simply push it out.  The batteries are held in by small lips in the design of the caddy but pushing the battery easily ejects it from storage.

There’s a whole range of different caddies available for the main battery types including CR123 cells.  They also come in a range of colours including glow-in-the-dark.

They’re relatively cheap too – the 12 AA caddy shown above costs $6.95 ($9.95 if you want it glow-in-the-dark).

The only downside is that you can only get them directly from the US manufacturer (as far as I could see).  This puts the postage to the UK at $19.95 so you really need to buy a few caddies to justify the postage – although the postage charge is quite reasonable.

Oh, you also may get caught for import VAT.  If you do then expect to pay the VAT and Parcel Force’s £8 handling fee.

Despite that, they’re worth the cash even after the import charges.  I bought a few caddies for AA and CR123 batteries, in a number of sizes and colours.  Red caddies are easy to see, and therefore easy to find, in that messy kitchen ‘bits and pieces’ drawer which everyone seems to have!

Great for cyclists and photographers – or anyone who has batteries!

The full PowerPax range can be found here.

Update, 16th October 2010: They’re now available in the UK from Heinnie.com.

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