New Bits For The Trek

Tuesday February 16, 2010

In preparation for better weather I’ve invested in some bits for the Trek.  I’m planning on some long rides this year and thought I’d upgrade the Trek to provide better performance/comfort for the longer road trips.

My last ‘long’ ride was to Hyde Park and back in one day, a trip of 77miles in total, last September.  During that ride, I got numbness and discomfort in my hands and the knobbly ‘tractor’ tyres fitted to the Trek weren’t ideal for long road rides.

So, as I said, in preparation for this year’s rides, I’ve purchased some new bits:

The current plan is to work on the bike this weekend, add the tyres and the grips, and then put in some local mileage prior to really hitting the roads for some long journeys.

More on these purchases and their installation over the weekend.


  1. The price of those tyres would bring a tear to my eye. I thought the price for the Panaracer tyres was steep enough. What width did you get? You’ll find the Ergon grips really good. I’ve had them on my last two bikes.

    • I went with the Ergon grips based on our previous discussions about your bike modifications. I’ll let you know how they go.

      Yes, the tyres were pretty expensive but I’m planning on some serious mileage this year! 😉

  2. […] weekend I’m going to fit the new tyres and grips so it’s like the Trek’s birthday […]

  3. […] and they came back with some suggestions which included the Marathon Plus.  So, I placed my order (along with some other bits) and whilst there also bought some Schwalbe inner tubes to fit at the same […]

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