London In February

Sunday February 14, 2010

Ready, Steady, GO!Took a short trip into London yesterday to meet a friend from my home town who was visiting the area for the weekend.  I took the camera in so that I could have some time walking the streets and seeing what was happening.  It’s nice to walk around with a camera as it really makes you ‘look’ at what’s going on around you.

It was good to see a lot of cyclists around London’s busy streets.  There were the laid-back leisure riders, commuters and the more ‘fitness’-orientated cyclists.  I tried to capture some of the them (photographically speaking!) but I often missed them as I saw them too late.  I was trying to capture the motion and speed of the cycling by playing around with the settings on the camera… didn’t really work but I took a few interesting shots.

On the train home, I was sitting near a guy with a Brompton but he hadn’t folded it as the carriage had a wide area for holding bikes.  Nice bike though, smaller than my Dahon.

Photos over on Flickr (click here).

Downing Street


  1. A lovely set of photos. Robert and I were in London a couple of years ago and flew into Gatwick so we could use the Gatwick Express. The things you do just to get a train ride :-). We were at Tate Modern all in the course of education. No one in their right mind should actually *want* to go there. It was an essential visit for Robert in his Art course at uni.

    • Thanks Robin.

      I’ve been to the Tate Modern – it was… interesting! 😉

  2. Nice to see what other people are doing with their G11s. It’s a great little camera although often I wish I had my more serious gear with me!

    • I’m just getting back into photography and I’m trying to stop myself looking at the Canon EOS range! 😉

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