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Parcel Run

Saturday December 12, 2009

Another post run this morning – into town to collect a parcel.  Wow, it’s cold out there today – winter is definitely here.  It’s sunny (at times) but it’s cold and the slight breeze takes it even colder, then jump on a bike and cycle and the wind really bites.

The Dahon whizzed me in and back and the back rack was, as always, fantastically useful for carrying the parcel.  It really is a great bike.

I’m a bit fed up that I haven’t really had time to use either bike over the past month or so.  Work has been pretty busy and there’s always things to do in the house (such as eating and sleeping!).  I’m planning on some decent rides over the Christmas break…


Two Factors Preventing Cycling

Sunday December 6, 2009

Two factors, this weekend, prevented the bikes getting an airing:

  1. The Weather – Saturday morning was pretty rough but it did improve through the day but then the heavens opened again in the evening and the rains fell.  First thing Sunday morning was similar, but again things cleared up nicely.
  2. Dickensian Christmas – Another one of Rochester’s annual festivals.  This one brings loads (!) of visitors to the town so everywhere was packed.  No cycling in the high street this weekend.

I did venture out today though, Sunday, to see what was going on in town; to sample the ‘Dickensian’ atmosphere.

It was packed!

High Street was shoulder to shoulder with locals and tourists all trying to see the procession and to sample the foods for sale.  The Castle Gardens had been invaded by a fair and people roamed the town dressed in antique clothing and as Dickens characters.

More photos over on Flickr.

Town Crier

Dickensian Fun

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