Cycling 2009 And Into 2010

Thursday December 31, 2009

The last day of the year and naturally I’m looking back at all elements of my life over the past twelve months.

2009 was a pretty good year for me and my cycling.  Got up to quite a bit and bought my second new bike in less than a year (the Trek, February).  There were quite a few cycling-related purchases as I continued to kit up with cycling gear as my interest grew in the pastime.

Ride-wise, I completed a 77mile ride to London’s Hyde Park and back, began my Rochester Challenge and took the Dahon across The Channel to Calais – amongst others.

The last couple of months of ’09 have been pretty quiet though primarily due to weather and work which is quite depressing but in 2010 I’m going to fight both inhibitors and get out more.

There are no major cycling purchase planned for 2010, I thinking I’ve now bought all I need and I’m running out of storage space – that definitely rules out a third bike!!!

We’ll see what the new year brings…

Good luck to everyone for a great year of cycling in 2010 (and of life in general).

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