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Saturday Shopping

Saturday November 7, 2009

exOn a Saturday morning, the bike is far superior to the car.

Needing to wash some clothes, I realised I was out of the required ‘fluids’ so needed to head to the shops.  The sun is out today so I had no hesitation in breaking out the Dahon.

The roads around Rochester Bridge always get gridlocked at busy periods due to poor traffic planning around Strood so I figured that if I took the car, by the time I got to the shop and found a parking space I’d have finished the shopping if I’d travelled by bike.

I was right, it was gridlocked.  No problem for the Dahon though and the convenient cycle lanes!

It’s a great utility bike.


No Cycling – Weekend Away

Sunday November 1, 2009

No cycling again this weekend as I headed back to Pembrokeshire to see my family.  A great weekend away and very relaxing – it’s far nicer there than here in the South East of England!

Didn’t take either of the bikes so I hope to get out on them during the nights this week.

Some pics of Pembrokeshire over on my Flickr account.

Parking Sign

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