The Cycle Show, Earls Court

Saturday October 10, 2009

Bianchi MTB - NiceTook a day off work today to headed into London’s Earls Court for the 2009 Cycle Show.  It was nice to not have to wake up at the unearthly hour I normally do, instead I slept in and crawled out of bed around 0730.

A cycling friend arrived at 0915 and we walked off to the train station and headed West towards Victoria Station in the centre of London.  Although rain was forecast for later in the day, it was a mild and bright day – good for cycling!

The show was well attended but it wasn’t over-crowded.  It was the first public day of the show, Thursday being a trade-only day, and I suppose that Saturday and Sunday are going to be the busiest.  Most of the big names were there, Cannondale, Scott, Bianchi, Colnago, Specialized, Brompton…  No Dahon though.  Thinking about it, not all the big US manufacturers were there, such as Marin, Trek, Giant.  But the Europeans were.

Bikes ranged from under £100 kids’ bikes to £8,000+ road bikes.  My eyes were watering at some of the price tags and my credit card was screaming to get out of my wallet – but I controlled it!  I didn’t buy anything 😦

The high-end road bikes were incredibly lightweight.  I was really surprised at just how light bikes can be made these days.

Tiny BromptonI hung around the Brompton stand for a while taking a look at what was on offer.  These bikes are hand-made and to prove it they had a guy making bikes there, right in front of you.

It was the first time I’ve got my hands on a Brompton and it was very small and very light.  It was much smaller and lighter than my Dahon D7HG, but it was considerably more expensive too.  There were other folders on show too.  Moulton and Airminal were there, with the latter really catching my eye (but again, very expensive).

After a few hours of touring the stands, browsing the bikes and keeping my credit card in my wallet, we headed out for a few pints and a sit down before returning home on the train via Victoria Station.

More of my Cycle Show photos over on Flickr.

Airminal - I Wanted This!

Cycle Stunt


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