Winter Is Coming

Sunday September 27, 2009

exWell, the Dave On Dahon statistics page (not publicly viewable) is showing that winter is on its way and that the nights are drawing in.

My posts on the Cateye HL-EL450 and the NiteRider MiNewt Mini USB are climbing the popularity rank.  The Dahon D7HG review and that of the Trek 4300 are always in the top three popular posts but now I’m seeing lighting-related posts becoming more popular.

Shorter days and longer nights appear to be sending the cycling community out to investigate new lighting solutions to help keep them pedalling for longer in these ever shortening days.



  1. Didn’t you do the same searching? It’s always been so hard to find out which light is going to make you go “wow” when you first switch on but when there’s lux and lumens and light patterns, and £300 light sets, sometimes it’s the price tag that makes you go “wow”.

    I read your Newt review and it seems, for the price, like an option. That was until I found two Tesco torches strapped to the handle bars with Felix Torches bike mounts. Works a treat and for a smidgen over £30.

    Now lit up I can go night riding around the countryside with the strange effect that I seem to ride faster. It’s those damn owls that do it.

  2. Solving the light during dark days which will came …

    I prefer the AA bateries becase I have about 40 rechargeble with very good digital charger.

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