A Trip To Rye

Wednesday August 5, 2009

No bikes today but a day off work let me get out in the car and explore the South Coast of England.

I headed to Rye and then along to Hastings and back up the small country roads to Rochester.  A long day but well worth it.

Some of my photos from the day are over on Flickr.




  1. You got a lovely day for your trip. The town looks rather nice. Typical narrow streets and most interesting buildings. Great photos as usual.

    • Robin,
      It was a fantastic day, really warm and sunny. My first trip to Sussex was really good!

  2. Grat trip. I like this small harbours they are so sweet. Th epity is that we haven’t them in our country.

    Great photos especially the one with the street full of cars 🙂
    Why you did not have the Dahon in your trunk?

    • Thanks Mech. It was a nice town. Hopefully I’ll get out more over the next few months. I hope to take the Dahon on the train to some of the towns around the county.

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