Trek – 16 Miles, Sunny Sunday

Sunday July 12, 2009

Another sunny Sunday here so I took the Trek for a 16 mile ride with a friend.  It was a leisurely ride with fair number of stops whilst we chatted and caught up with all the news.

Took the Trek off-road for the first time and it performed well.  The front shock fork soaked up a lot of the bumps, rocks and tree roots along the paths we cycled.  I’m still pleased with my choice of MTB, no complaints from me.

Three Eurostar trains shot past us during one of the stops – the ground shakes as it passes at speeds well in excess of 100mph (top speed is 186mph, apparently).

A great ride but now I’m sunburnt again.  Need to wear a hat.

Still haven’t managed to try the NiteRider light out.  Hopefully during the week.  At the moment, though, it’s still too light at 10pm!

One comment

  1. I’m jealous! All I hope is that the weather is good when I go to Alklow this Wednesday. I’m there until the following Monday and hope to get some good rides in on the Dahon. One ride I want to do has a two and a half mile long climb compensated by a three and a half downhill. Should be fun.

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