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Photojojo BikeCam

Saturday June 13, 2009

Build yourself a low cost camera mount for your bike and get out there cycling!  This cheap and easy solution will fix your camera to your bike’s handlebars for next to nothing.

Click here for full instructions.

[via RochBike]


Dahon Bottom Bracket – Loose

Monday June 8, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned before, either here or over on the Dahon Forum, that my D7HG makes a ‘clunking sound’ when I pedal.  This has been happening more or less since I bought the bike but I finally worked out what it was last weekend when out cycling.

I had initially thought that it was related to the internal workings of the Nexus hub and the drive mechanism ‘catching-up’ with itself as I pedalled.  I left it at that and just lived with it.  But then, as I cycled recently, I thought more about it and looked at the bike as I slowly cycled along the flat.  Then I realised that it was the bottom bracket – the piece where the pedals attach to/through the frame – it was not loose (see photo below).  Not sure if this was an original assembly issue, pre-sale check issue or it had just come loose.

Anyway, I needed to tighten it up and didn’t have the right tool for the job so I headed to my new favourite bike site Dotbike for a BB lock ring tool.  Now the lock ring and bottom bracket are correctly secured and that should stop the clunking noise as I pedal.  I now need to get out and try  it, but that won’t be today.

I also grabbed myself an Ice Tools Spoke Wrench.

(Hmm, why do my bikes always look dirtier in photos than they do in the flesh?!)


Weekend In Fishguard

Sunday June 7, 2009

Lower FishguardI’ve just come back from a few days back in Fishguard, where I grew up.  Went home to see my family and to have a break from work and the hectic life in the south east of England.

Fishguard and the surrounding area is really laid back and the contrast between sleepy Pembrokeshire and the hustle of Kent is quite startling at times.

I went out for a walk with my sister on the Thursday night along the Marine Walk which hugs the top of the cliff between the old harbour at Lower Town (pictured) and the larger harbour at Goodwick.  It was a great evening: warm, sunny and no wind.

Pembrokeshire is a great place to cycle, although for a number of reasons I didn’t have either of my bikes with me this visit.  There’s a lot of great scenery ranging from the coastal views through to  mountains and hills.

Cycling appears to be on the rise back there with more cycle shops opening no doubt fuelled by events such as the Tour of Pembrokeshire (this weekend).  I found a brand new cycle shop in Fishguard called Pembrokeshire Bikes ( – their website isn’t live yet but it’s coming soon.

I visited the shop with my sister and we spent quite a while in there looking around and chatting to the owner.  It’s a relatively small specialist shop but it stocks some great bikes from Trek, Cannondale and Colnago – they don’t stock the low-end bikes for kids (like Halfords), this is a true cyclist’s shop.  They also stock classic town bikes and products from Brooks.

I was really impressed with the shop.  If you’re in Fishguard in the near future then you should definately take a look.


Lycra – Hmm…

Tuesday June 2, 2009

In my previous post I mentioned the transportation versus sport ‘thing’ and that got me thinking more along the lines of the ‘sport’ aspects.

As I said, I consider the Trek my sport bike and it serves me well on long rides (e.g. 58 and 44 miles), however, as my sister found out, a road bike is much better… on the road.

A true road bike would enable me to cover these long distances much quicker and with greater ease.  I like that idea: gliding along the road, slicing through the air.

But there are some negatives:

  1. I can’t keep buying bikes!  I already have the Trek and the Dahon and I don’t have room  for a third.
  2. I haven’t got the money to buy road bike.
  3. Thirdly, and probably the biggest factor against the road bike: lycra.

Getting on a slick, fast road bike in my normal clothes, or my cargo/combat trousers*  I wear on the Trek, just wouldn’t work.  There appears to be an unwritten rule these days that if your bike has thin wheels and drop-handlebars then you have to wear psychedelic body-hugging lycra – whatever your age and state of fitness.

I don’t want to go down the path towards lycra-wearing.

I don’t want to ride my bike looking like someone from the Tour de France who’s got lost.  I can’t do it.  I can’t subject myself, or the public, to the lycra-encapsulation of my body!  😉

Apart from the three points above, a road bike sounds like a great idea!!!

*Lots of pockets for phone/camera/keys etc

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