29 Miles Around Maidstone

Sunday June 14, 2009

Another great day here in North Kent, the sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze and it’s hot.  Having ticked quite a few things off my ‘to-do’ list on Friday and Saturday, I forced myself out of bed early this morning and took the Trek out for a spin.

I had a route in my head as to where I wanted to go but like all my rides, I like to see where the road, the scenery and my mood take me.  So today these ‘variables’ took me across the Medway and through Strood towards Cuxton and a destination of the river side in Maidstone.  I rested on the banks of the river in Maidstone, with a couple of swans, for about 10 minutes before beginning the return journey.

The return took my partially up Bluebell Hill then down into Aylesford and Eccles and then back into Rochester along Pilgrims’ Way, an “ancient trackway that runs across southern England from Winchester in the west to Canterbury“.

The Trek performed well again, but I really am beginning to see the benefit of road bikes!  Cyclists on ‘true’ road bikes easily powered past me as I struggled along with my big, fat off-road tyres.  Damn their slick wheels and brightly coloured lycra!  😉

No photos today as I didn’t take the camera – I was travelling light (i.e. I forgot it!).



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  2. Would you not just put sensible tyres on your Trek. What about Schwalbe Big Apples just like what’s on the Dahon. How have they performed for you?

    • Yes, I’ve been thinking of that. And that solution would be significantly cheaper than a new road bike! 🙂

  3. It would be more comfortable too. I have three weeks before I go to Arklow. Would you recommend the Schwalbe Big Apples for the Dahon?

    • I definitely recommend the Big Apples. I’m much happier with them compared to the original Kwests.

  4. But do you think they would be an improvement on the Stelvios? My rides will be in quite hilly territory when I go to Alklow. I will email a map to you.

  5. wow, that was some journey 🙂

    nice route, though i’m too lazy for such energy sucking activities 😀

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